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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[29/12/2010] Comment This! Help me!!

I realize i have never really post a short and concise question before. And i would really need you to help me by commenting on this post! 

Should i continue my photoblog via www.inspiringindications.blogspot.com
Should i start a new portfolio by using 3rd party web hosting like wix.com?

I guess i don't need to go into why i start a photoblog.But if you see the way i tried to do with my current photoblog, I just love to be contradicting and analysis when it comes to picture. Its called Conceptual Photography =) 

So what you think!! 

I have a lot of random quote as a photographer, one goes as
" The best photo is not the one with the most colorful pixel but one which can reflect the most perceptions and thoughts generated by each individuals."

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