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Monday, December 27, 2010

[28/12/2010] First Baby Hatch in IPOH? A Solution or another Problem?

IPOH: The country’s first baby hatch in a hospital has begun operation.
Located in KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital at Jalan Raja di-Hilir here, the hatch was launched by state senior executive councillor Datuk Hamidah Osman yesterday.
Hospital chief executive officer Nasirruddin Harun said the programme was part of its corporate social responsibility.
“The baby hatch is aimed at saving the lives of innocent newborns who are not wanted by their parents,” he said.
Infant refuge: A model demonstrating how to use the hatch.
The hospital, said Nasirruddin, collaborated with the state Welfare Department.
“With this service, we hope to reduce the number of abandoned babies in Perak,” he added.
Explaining the hatch’s procedure, Nasirruddin said that when a baby is placed within, an alarm would be triggered.

Yeap if some of you have noticed the word Baby Hatch, then most probably you have gotten a gist of The Star's copy today. As some of us in Malaysia know that Baby Dumping is widely becoming an issue here, despite really understanding it or not, there are many psychological perspective one must respect and understand in order to treat this issue the right way.  
Our common mainstream understanding of such issue is unprotected sex, or second will be couples who are not confident of raising up their babies, so t
o pass on their guilt, dump them! Thus currently read from TheStar (thanks to tweetdeck i really read everything from that platform) , it is seem that ipoh has the country's first baby hatch in the hospital. Goodness at first i thought it's a backup emergency box to put all the babies when the hospital is in fire @.@
There are few approaches doing such initiative. Quite obvious if you continue reading the passage, they mention on a better education on where to place your "unwanted" babies, instead of seeing them swimming in the drains or even starving in the garbage. It's good to save lives. 
But doesn't it seem that it is more convincing to some teens that "hey, now baby dumping you don't need to worry about the children's welfare, someone will take care of it!"  And furthermore teens don't need to consider about protected sex since they are pregnant and they know their end product will be in well hands too? no? 
It seems there are some missing contacts in this piece. I wonder where then, do they go when they grow up? Skills management? what are their future will be? While in some other countries baby dumping could result as a death penalty.. (widely debated as so because dumping a child means killing a person), but here we are providing a platform instead for unwanted babies? I suddenly felt like it's a secondhand shop style.. impression*
So what say you =) 

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