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Monday, December 27, 2010

27/12/2010 Green Christmas at Genting!

It's the first day of 4th Semester in USM. Finally, everything starts afresh? well doesn't seem so. First day is bombarded with hard core planning with post MNC outputs, meeting whole day, still left my storage boxes here unpacked. There is this sweet feeling everytime one new semester starts, i ask God " what exciting surprises you have for me this semester? =) " Of course, new semester, new year, new resolutions again. Gonna have a good time on personal post mortem on my few quarter themes and achievement for the year 2010 =) Perhaps wanna ask on Facebook if anyone has observed a radical change in me from the first semester stepping into USM and one year after that, which is now.

Changes. Yes of course we do. It's part of our self discovery. Many in university say they don't know their talents, their passions.. some define it as if they are destined to be in such field. For me, Talents and passion naturally just come across when you are finding one. The world is so big, the fields are so wide, the mountains and the seas depth, don't tell me that you are stuck in such small talents, you are just defining your own box. Well, perhaps that's a reason why i had been trying radically to experience different things over my uni life. 

So yes, 2011. 4th Semester. I will do a post mortem soon =) the casual way. with me guitar, in a wide field where horizons are not defined, and then just God and me.

So yes for once, i have seen something very different for Christmas =) Relatives and family decided to ride on for some performance in Genting Highlands. In far, christmas decoration could be seen as ordinary with their lights and the accents of color playing your pupils. But if you go closer, this is different. 

Yea many talks about Green Christmas, of saving electricity, and companies claiming their lights are more Energy Efficiency and the never ending marketing concepts. So it seems here, there is a different package to really think twice the 'po
wer' of plastics =)

Few pictures to illustrate the scene.

Stated in the picture.
A total of 16000 pieces of plastic containers were used and it took 12 personnels 21 days to create these magical masterpiece to showcase the spirit of christmas A total sum of RM10k is saved with the initiative as a result of using recycled items instead of actual decorative themes. 

Total Salute. Yes i can put up the hat of critic and ask what's going to happen with these things after christmas season? Paint all red and use for Chinese New year decoration? by all means, i think one of the world stage tourism spots in Malaysia did well to show what we really mean.

So what else in Genting?
I actually went up with initiative to do precedence studies. Mind you town planning is one of the main factor why i study Architecture. I get driven easily to study how town functions. The more isolated the better. Genting is one example. Where does the Garbage goes to? water supply from? SocioEconomic wise? Well didn't manage to go that deep but glad that my observations did expose me to some new findings in the highland resort. 

Next up? Ipoh la? haha. 

p/s goodness Bukit Tinggi Kampung got aweome food gila!

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