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Friday, December 24, 2010

[25/12/2010] Merry Christmas 2010 =)

Yes, Merry Christmas 2010!
Wishing you a very green one here!

Currently in Putrajaya, off to Genting tomorrow. Just have a one or 2 says here. At first i thought of doing a thanksgiving post, while i see many people posting their to-shopping- or to request from Santa list. But i'm giving a short one here.

Happy Birthday Jesus =) Thank you for being my Best Friend and Teacher even ever since i am born. Thank you for showing me your light that i may dance freely on the stage of lives. Thank you for everything that happened to me that the today me could glorify your name.

I don't know how Santa Claus appear, neither the trees, or Red Stockings.. or even the name Christmas itself, but what i know is, God is awesome.

It's the season of love! Stop asking so much from Santa and share your gifts! think of the poor people down the street instead of what you are doing to get. How do you really define love anyway? Boy girl boy girl? ya right.

p/s Precedence studies in Genting! woohoo =D

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