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Thursday, December 23, 2010

[24/12/2010] Think Big, Start Small for your Green Passion =)

Yes good morning world! today will be my last day in KL already! Going to Putrajaya soon for Christmas eve then off to Genting next day Christmas then back to the Pathetic hectic whatever you name it university life. And yes Result is out, all i can say is Praise God. May i continue to struggle.. more effectively next semester this time. haha. Surviving the double A syndrome for the third semester! 

And yes my hammie has a new home arrangement! guess he really demands space. He is really getting old, super lethargic wei.. everyday just nom nom nom Zzzzz.. Though i put him in the ball to run quite often, perhaps he just wants a partner now.

In this post i am attaching my essay to participate the 3rd YUVA 2011 meet in NewDelhi India. More details here.  The question goes like this.

"Each one of us is a cause of Global Warming, but each of us can become part of the solution, in the decisions we make on what we buy, the amount of electricity we use, the cars we drive, and how we live our lives. We can even make choices to bring our individual carbon emissions to zero"
An inconvenient truth, Al Gore.

Please share your thoughts on the above quote. (and yea manage to finish it one hour, 500 words ngamngam! =) )

Al Gore is truly one of the most inspiring icon for any environmental activist. The 45th vice president of the United States w
on awards such as the nobel peace prize, Time’s 2007 person of the year and also Grammy award for his book “An Inconvenient truth”. I have been watching inconvenient truth for more than 10 times today, because it’s my passion to understand it well to equip my internship knowledge in a NGO calls Greennovate in Shanghai last June. Together with 6 other international teammates in Shanghai, we had been spreading the green awareness over three thousand students. And we always end the workshops with saying, “Think Big, start small. Start from and within yourself first. That will be the biggest solution.”

Yes, I mentioned biggest solution. It’s been my 2nd year actively participating in Green Movements, I have been joining and also facilitating various workshops and conferences related to climate, and also expanding green network to know 350org or also Raleigh who does good.  As long we do not practice this as a passion and be truthful about it, forget about telling the world your green plans. I have seen youths being impacted after conferences and planning to introduce policies, and some even dream of doing green events where I judge that their carbon offset might just have more than they could earn back in the end.

Starting small and learning small is the key to it. I lead a team of 7in the world’s largest student organization called AIESEC, to combat energy issue in the state of Penang, Malaysia. It’s a new project and some have question so what have you done so far? I could proudly say, I am educating and implanting the passion into 7 new warriors. My understanding is as long the project, Youth Energy Squad, members do not understand this passion, then I would not proceed to the execution part for events.  

I say, starting from yourself is the biggest solution because it relates you with the issue. There are so many people today claiming their green projects benefit the whole community while they know it is not and just a marketing and company branding game. It’s because it does not relate them with the issue most of the time, but profit. Al Gore did mention at a point in the documentation, if we want to go green, then there is sacrifices we need to follow. We have to take time to study our Carbon Footprint, observe the food we eat, the energy and electricity we use. I practice green routine everyday, I trace my own footprint and cycles everyday in campus while having zero waste in my hostel room, I know I did the right thing. It’s because I recognize myself as part of the cause to Global Warming, Earth is all our responsibility because it’s God creation. Though I am just the little part of Solution to it, but starting within myself is the crucial beginning approach. Think Big, Start Small.

Yea basically that's it la =) if you wanna search more about what i say about the green thing, always welcome to trace my old post. all right i shall go pack now! ready to start the sem! Man i hope i really get it! fully sponsored!

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