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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[22/12/2010] Welcome to My World, how i Define it.

 Yes it is. It doesn't take far for you to discover the world. The world is just right at your doorstep. The echoes drifts around the walls of the communities today, saying, "owhh i want to go travel, to expand my horizons, to help the needs.. to understand cultural diversity.. to find my passion and help the community." I think it's sad sometimes to know that most Malaysians are underrating the richness of Malaysia to be a priority to understand its values and cultural diversity. I really think Malaysia has it all. All the social issues you have in mind is just at your doorstep, just whether you choose to know.

Yea, i may not be an inspiring traveler with my Nikon to travel around the world to capture stories of issues. There are reasons why i travel, never for fun, partly for my Architecture precedence study. I have taken numerous amount of photos, all i can tell you is, they aren't just pixels flashing through my pupils, but makes me wonder what a better world can be like.

So let me share to you, my Imagination World =) 
(as at most of the times it's really frustrating to see how not sustainable our world can be)

If i can imagine my world, 
I would want one where consumerism is really Sustainable. Yes mind the taboo words, but i think consumerism today is basically implanting the mindset of " you need to have better things!" into the social media and spreading like epidemics to the whole world and end up we are contributing more to e-waste. Why can't all companies just joint venture and create a sustainable handphone that can last for a decade but not a year? 

I would want one where the huge billboards of advertisement could post up pictures of poor children instead. This is quoted by Patch Adam when i met him personally before, he said, it's just so pathetic, that companies can spend millions on this advertisement, huge burgers on highways but not what we are supposing to put for. 

I would want one where everyone can  smile  to each other and by the simplest greetings each morning without hesitating what  weird impression he/she will generate to the opposite. Since we are saying we are one human race, why are we not .. really that friendly to each other?

I would want to imagine a whole world of barter trade system, where no currency involves and so thus, everyone will know their importance part of the community to sustain the whole community without talking empty about politics and bribes. Where mutual respect is gain here and there is no gap of rich or not.

I would want to imagine human rights is practice instead of being mentioned. The whole point of GTP/ETP recently does not support my sensing on this issue. If we can't talk about every human being on this world getting sufficient satisfied water/electricity supply, while instead disturbing their resources for the city's growth, how do i see that in reality that we are practicing human rights?

I would want to imagine a world of SMILE. Simply Motivating Individuals to Love Everyone. Where there is no need for HR training or whatsoever to boost up people performance in jobs but see that Smile is a culture everywhere in this world. 

I would want to imagine a life where we all live by the fruits and vegetables we plant ourselves and lessen down the chain of consumerism. Preventing misleading nutritional facts label for marketing and consumerism perspective and so we can appreciate things better.

I would want to imagine a world that is truly define by Human Race, One Race, where love is really practiced boundaries like how most things happen in tradeless village such as barneo village in the deeps of Sarawak. 

I would want to imagine human beings will really know their stand in the food chain and they are not the best, and also stop the thoughts that we must be very clean... physically.. i don't get it why you will scream at cockroach which is listed.. actually as one of the top self cleaning insect.

I would want to imagine the whole world population having their own faith and religion so that they will know why are they really in this world. Every minute there are people suiciding because lacking of hope, love. Faith is what everyone needs in this world. Most of us might not realize, because we are too busy catching up with the worldly thing.

I would want to imagine the world is connected. No, the world is not connected currently. Many major physical plans across the world plans about greater city but not really basic needs for the entire population, we are just widening the gap too much too fast. How do you expect human race to improve when some of us gets update so fast and others don't go through the transformation? at this aspect, yes we are selfish.

I would want to imagine a world that better health and longer life is not a dream to chase after. We are in a world of blooming population, each year goes by, more resources taken of, our world is only able to cater the needs until the WW2, ever since, population taken over is consuming 3 times the world can offer, and yes we are depleting.. in every single aspect. Someone has to sacrifice.. cruel enough to say, but our advancement in medication denies that.

I could imagine a lot a lot more. but now i let you imagine.

What's the world you want to it to be?
Don't tell me free mangas or GLEE non stop, or become richest man? You'll rather lose all your wealth rather than the earth, yes because the earth is dying. and it's not a joke.

I think for the bigger picture, you can see from The Story of Stuff, via you tube. 20minutes video really show you how the whole world works today.

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