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Monday, December 20, 2010

[21/12/2010] How does AIESEC Experience align with your future Career?

WARNING. AIESECish Post AHEAD. READ or you shall Regret! =D

Yes, mind GeneHarn this week, currently under PMS Post MyLDS-Conference Syndrome. Feel like since there is sharing that is totally no harm for both others and me, so why not? But yea blogging in the weez hour like 5am now does harm. Reminiscing back MyLDS 2010, there was this session in the last day i was sharing, basically we had over 30 people from MNC track sharing our AIESEC Experience  from a broad topics of 5 to the MyLDS track juniors. At first i thought of sharing the first topic, which is AIESEC as a door for leadership if i am not mistaken, then i choose the other one instead.

How does AIESEC Experience align with your future Career?

I say. A LOT. Regardless of what course you are taking. I think i am one good position to share about this since my course is obviously one of the most radically different with major stream along what people assume AIESECers are. I'm an Architecture Student, the one who face double A syndrome, AIESEC + Architecture = Awesome. Be aware that this post is neither a marketing post nor branding for AIESEC but pure story resulted from an AIESEC experience. 

Picture credits to myaiesec.net

If some of you is wondering what is AIESEC experience? there you go. The few stages, I2A > TR > LR > X > H4TF > Alumni. Currently i am in LR and did my Xchange already. In this post i would not relate much on the processes we do in AIESEC as it's really not understandable for one university student who does not go through such organization before. It's definitely much complex than you can imagine because it's the world's largest youth run non profit organization, not your ordinary club who does an event and done with it all the time. 

There is one very simple reason why you could relate how this experience to align with your future career. AIESEC experience is an experience of self discovery. As much as it's a platform to discover more about yourself, it's also revealing your self awareness towards the revolutions around you. It really did put you on the sight of Global perspective, think Global, act globally. A very simple why some companies favor AIESECers is because often most of us are already built up in personal development to be aware of our surroundings and also well expose to the global perspective not only by knowledge but really cultural diversity with the various national/international conference we go through to encounter various personalities across the globe. While some of my friends can study abroad to experience a diverse culture encounter, but i think in AIESEC we are no lesser but more than that as my previous internship has exposed me towards the difference leadership and management skills abroad. 

AIESEC is a passion. The AIESEC way is about Peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential. There are 6 main values in AIESEC, namely Activating Leadership, Demonstrating Integrity, Living Diversity, Enjoying Participation, Striving for Excellence and Acting Sustainably. A very obvious form takes place here is that AIESEC is totally no harm and sustainable by its values. Which company doesn't want a graduate whom at least has its values set right for the company to excel? No matter what career you are, i believe any HR department would crucially want you to be as perfect as who you can be to help to contribute to the company, firstly of course is having a right person with right values to link the dots in the companies. 

Know yourself, know the Organization, know the world. Link your objectives and Vision and the organization's together, if it's do good then go for it. If it's not, then find other organization that can deliver what you are expecting. I never ever say AIESEC is the best organization for anyone, we are never against any organization like Rotaract or SIFE as our visions are different. your future career might not even be related to the course you are studying now, but i believe if your personal passion is align with what the organization is doing, then why afraid that your future career will go bad when your passion works well to make you live life to the fullest? It's part of the process of self discovery. 

At times i struggle to find the linkage between AIESEC and Architecture, but i really realize its after i am involve in it, much awareness taken place and only then i find what i am truly passion of and find that there is no time to waste. Of course it might be as weird as me being the only one presenting my architecture designs with SWOT analysis (which i did), but it really did show that the thought of relevance to the world we are in today. The AIESEC experience is not wholly about marketing management which most people assume today, PBOX (project based on Exchanges) today are revealing AIESECers to the many awareness and needs of the societies today. I personally think GEP Go Exchange Program is not solely just encouraging people to understand cultural diversity but X+L (Exchange and Leadership) package really makes you realize a lot of other substance instead. AIESEC Exchange stage is not your typical university grade points exchange, a brief impression can be seen here, my exchange blog.  The whole point is that you are a better analyzer or observant as time passes by. 

Not convince enough? ask the Talent Management Tool we are using today. It's called the Global Competency Model. Global Mindset, Entrepreneurial Outlook, Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence and Proactive Learning. These 5 aspects is what each and every AIESECer is working on to make their AIESEC experience more fulfilling, and i believe despite whatever career you are in, any company will find at least 2 or more aspects in this GCM to a sense of importance. Of course you don't show them your GCM, but AIESEC brands its product very well, the end product itself is the personality of an AIESECer. 

Yes i know what i choose and i believe the AIESEC experience gains better future for myself. Some ask, "Not busy enough as Architecture Student, still want AIESEC Ar?" To me, i am not busy, i am just doing things to improve myself. And that is my passion, Passion knows no boundaries, no timing rules, no excuses as busy. Each AIESECer has their own AIESEC story to reveal. Approach any today! I could write a lot more i believe =) ups and downs, and how the new passion lies in the new project Y.E.S =) 

 Now i know i am not afraid to enter any Architecture Firm interview to question me about Architecture grades or experience process. But i know my AIESEC experience has equip me with passion and skills to know me myself and surroundings better. =) Infact i never really regret because in a way, i gain double skills =) 

Yea, Go Exchange! AIESEC in USM is always ready to help you develop the within you!

At times i really refrain myself from posting things about AIESEC, as i have many other passions too, but if a sharing is too great for one to keep, there i go =) 

It's good to be an AIESECer. 
Ask me how to unleash your AIESEC experience today! 

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