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Sunday, December 19, 2010

[18/12/2010] Updates #4 from MyLDS 2010

So yea, it is again. One year after MyLDS 2009. It's the last hour now. I'm just blogging now to rephrase my feelings, or perhaps what i should really work my ass out when i reach back home. I'm currently in dilemma to go NLDC conference by AIESEC Singapore. But guess with the AirFlight ticket, i doubt i could anymore (man should book 1 month ago!) I am still currently in the state of vague, i guess i just need to lock myself down and think from point to point how to configure out what i have learnt from the whole 8 days conference.

Yea above is AMAN AIESEC Malaysia Awards Night. Where various awards which terms are only familiar to AIESECers (i assume) will be given out. Part of this random post is because i want to state that i want to see Y.E.S as one of the best initiative project award in  next year AMAN. Which i believe there will be close 10 nominees project in the list. I know stuff is hard now but i believe we can, because now i have a great team.

Meet KarFei, the new MCP, Member Committee President of AIESEC Malaysia for term 2011/2012. And yes that's how we announce our decision =) And following up, glad that PekLin took her initiative to do mini YES mascots publicity =) She keeps me thinking somehow =P 

There are just few more days before i go back to start my semester again, meaning just a small timeframe for me to digest all the information, really. And really need to spend some time on managing myself, pictures, houseworks etc. I really need to work my ass out for what we see. It's just perhaps sometimes i am a little weak in execution, or perhaps understanding the team synergy yet =)

Feel like doing a Thank You post after this =) Teehee.

p/s and yes i'm a spontaneous blogger! LOL

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