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Friday, December 17, 2010

[18/12/2010] Updates #3 from MYLDS 2010 =)

Yea, it's actually the 7th day now, squeezing my time to accommodate time to update a little here. A lot has happened for the past few days. Which i think there is no use to describe here unless you are an AIESECer to understand sadly =/ It's been an intense week, I am currently in the management team with others in the MNC (Malaysia National Conference) track, where all reviews and plannings come into the table, Rolling out analysis and troubleshooting etc. All i can say is.. There is so much more to look forward for Y.E.S Project next semester, huge changes taking place. 

Yeap, just some simple photos here, the management team =)

and with the rest at MyLDS track delegates =) 56 in total from USM this time, expecting the expand growth to more than 100 members next semester!

56 Delegates, 56 Stories, 56 Exchanges. We don't brand Exchange as going overseas just for a cultural experience, definitely much more than that. And i can say it well, because i had been one =P SHANGHAI! Curious? Ask us more? AIESEC.

More photos refer here.

A reason of posting this blog post is also of taking down the thoughts of sharing just now. Though we share till pass 12 during these few nights of sleepless agenda. I could really tell how glad i am to see MyLDS track juniors are growing so fast. It's just like reflecting myself has been growing since last year MyLDS till MNC this year. I could easily write an AIESEC story of mine, a book instead. And i just wish non AIESECers could feel the experience because the memories cannot be defined by photos neither words. 

It's totally awesome to hear that LC USM is now FULL MEMBERSHIP status. Yes, i cannot imagine, and more glad to hear about this as past 4 years i believe we (with the dinosaur seniors) are hoping this could achieve and we did it. And i tell myself  "The Worst is yet to come, but the best is yet to come too" , there are tonnes of changes next semester, and it's gonna be a fun productive one.

AIESEC is a struggle, for an Architecture student. A good Struggle. Tomorrow i will be sharing a session of how to align AIESEC with your studies. It's a volunteer sharing from the seniors to juniors. And i believe i have the right position to say as my course is the least popular among AIESECers (only 4 Architecture Students out of 400+ Members). It's hard to accept fact that you are planning to head to H4TF next term because of studies priority while you know next term is a term of new exciting things to emerge. During sharing session, Wilson ask us to close our eyes and ask anyone who is planning to run LCP and LCVP to raise their hands. I did not. And i am sure and glad that a lot juniors raise theirs.

Then YeeLeng says and encourage them that running for Executive Board is always a never prepared scenario. I really agree with it, because after running for LCVP Comm last term and did not manage it, i know how much you can really learn just from an application and you are always not prepared for what you are going to face in the next phase of AIESEC. But i think in this case, hmm.. perhaps i feel that i am too prepared, so there's something better for me instead =)

We shall see.

p/s 80% going to NLDC AIESEC Singapore! 6-10 January arrr! Book flight ticket first only say! So tempting!! 

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