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Monday, December 13, 2010

[14/12/2010] Updates #2 from MyLDS2010 =D

It's pretty late now, guess at times i am too tempted to post up stuffs when i discover or learn something =) and perhaps i am too used for spontaneous posts. Today's PreMyLDS agenda is sweet, believe that LC USM has done well along the nice agenda of PreMylds and PreMNC. PreMNC did strategic planning, then  Exchange simulation with the MyLDS tracks and lastly at night was having OCP interview for YES Conference. Some pictures to catch the air =)

Yeap just received our name tags, MyLDS officially starts tomorrow. Guess all LCs are well done with integration and preparation for the different tracks. And yes i love this year's name tag =D 

And guess what freebies we have for guys? 
Not like i am really a person who washes face everyday but 6 of them could last me a year =S

How about girls?  Something more variety la?

Here i just wanna mention again the saying "Never say anything/anyone is too simple to Inspire you" True indeed, OCP Interview just now for YES was an inspiring session for me. I never really knew how hard is it to choose a OCP until being an observer with the Interview panelist, a total of 5 of us there. What i could really say is, there are 2 candidates there and both definitely inspire me. Because to notice the difference between 2 individuals and how both characteristics can play the best  out of the situation, is really playing more than Chemistry. I am glad i am an observer, so i can shut up and listen. I think overall, i must implement myself a 5 second rule to take time to think whatever things i am gonna say =S I am just a guy who likes to.. blaaaaa! and then not concise, neither structured to convince people. 

I am glad i was right after all, i did not ever say i am the best in the team to be a senior or to be the Project Director. For me, positions do not matter, but what matters is your ideas and details. It's nice to know =) and observe... (but well like this post is a little too lengthy? =S )

MyLDS Opening Plenary in 5 more hours =)  !!! Missing other LCs and meeting them soon! 

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