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Sunday, December 12, 2010

[13/12/2010] Updates #1 from MyLDS 2010 =)

Yes you got it, I am currently away to the South in Skudai, Johor, UTM specifically. In the 8D7N annual AIESEC National Conference called MyLDS (Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar) and MNC Malaysia National Conference. I can't really blog much about details as most things being discussed are just for Internal Circulations. But few pictures to share =) 

 Yea this is the first day of PreMyLDS =) We have a pre session before the real National conference, equipping the members and discussing about strategic development for our own LC, which is USM. We are having 50+ delegates here from USM, i think one of the largest =) Meeting other Universities Committees tomorrow! And yea Big Conference in big University =) UTM Skudai, i think 4 times the size of USM main campus pulak =D 

Reminiscing all the questions external throw at me before, i think all i can say is, No one could really judge/understand what AIESEC members do unless he or she has been one. Definitely more than a student club or whatsoever. I don't mean to overrate it, but i guess the first impression itself might get you really interested by googling AIESEC. There are reasons why some companies prefer us generally, and it's because of what we do and how relevant is it with them. 

More random pictures here =D 

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