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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

[1/12/2010] Churches are Companies?

Hi World! yes here i am, updating from FES National Conference with the limited wifi in order to absorb the worthy brainstorming sessions we had over the 3 days, definitely exceeded my expectation because this National Conference proved to stand out as more than a spiritual means of approach. Yes some pictures to give you a glance first =)

The opening sketch of the theme R.I.U.T Risk It U Turn. 490+ strong crowd in the hall, experiencing the best hospitality of a conference, the most diverse conference delegates all around Malaysia, 68 universities representatives presented, and proudly to say 36+- USM Main Campus reps! 

Yeap, different campus with different contingent's flag, sadly in Malaysia timing is always not consistent for every student here, quite a number came here amid exams, some just could not, God really bless USM this time for the nice timing!

There are many aspects were point out in this Conference, we had Haris Ibrahim, Juwita Suwito here to share their thoughts, Hannah Yeoh is suppose to come later but due to personal issues, she couldn't. Looking at the Schedule
distribution it's one of the most professionally done i guess, all delegates are truly happy! There are generally 2 tracks of workshops, first is about Current Issues in the Nation, as many as 11 workshops with 11 different speakers, 2nd track is later! with 12 tracks! 

Here i want to share what i view from the perspective with Mr Goh. This session is about "Siapa Punya Kasut.. ini? " What thing i truly respect about him is good speakers speech from experience. He did. There are many issues he touch about, mainly about the contradicting issues, 2 major examples.

Yes workshops are with small ratios of 1 to 30, we have 450+ delegates, definitely need more facilitators and speakers. Certainly there are many things i couldn't stop agreeing with Mr Goh because as he speaks along, i realize so many opinions are shared and improved along with the other audience.

I really agree with Mr Goh when he says about disliking most churches today because there are middle or higher income churches who don't resembles the way a church suppose to be. I see that as an issue when first watching Hillsong 1 Heart Revolution video, "A true church is a church of Justice". Really, what we are doing in church as far as i am observing from most churches are Evangelism Evangelism without knowing what we are really dealing with. We talk about loving the world and will reach out to the needy ones, how many of us really thought about reaching to HIV/Sex Workers group which needs hope more than our closest friend? How many of us talk about going Green when we know the issue is arising while we are talking about Love The world but we are still not practicing Green? 

I am done with churches who talk about Christianity all the time, all about self equipping, it's not wrong for sure, but who are we in this world? When i don't see us signing a petition to object any concerning issues like the pollution of Coal Power Plant in Sabah? how about even the minorities in Sarawak who is shifting because of the construction of dams? Who are to say we need to put politics aside to be clean because we NEED to go into Politics if we are to say we are a Church or Religion of Justice?

I say Churches are like companies, because i see Mission Trips are like CSR reports, Corporate Social Responsibilities, i don't judge all churches are doing wrong, mind you, i'm just doubt why some churches can emphasize about mission trips while even the nearer needs/issues behind our backyard is not being done. How injustice do we rate ourselves? Why are we talking about Expanding churches so rapidly while all our funds could be use to feed many hungry needy people outside there? I don't see why not an overcrowded church can just shift to a cheaper facility and avoiding to the consumerism world sometimes to buy the best stage best sound system for the church. We are talking about Offering and fundraising so many times for Church Expansion but really how much are we tracking to tackle this worldly issue from the Ground, from Relationships and Social, instead of just statistics? 

I don't mean to insult any parties or individuals, or judgement, but this is true as i think many of you would agree that there is a ultimate comfort going on, that is certainly not comfortable to think how many non christians outside there will ask, "Christians claim to say they love the world, I don't see that, where is the Love?" How do i answer that? We don't feel the urgency!

Next post will post about Nationality and Malaysian Issue stuff =) Guess most of you have your stands because generally Malaysian youth is more aware compared to others. Wait ya!

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