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Friday, December 10, 2010

[11/12/2010] What i say about Travelling?

Yes take a break, take a kit kat =)

Well really extra creamy and extra Crispy, not available in Malaysia =D
I suddenly feel like posting about my definitions on travelling. Perhaps after being to few places and would love to share about my perspectives of travelling, what do i do and take note of etc, or a few simple rules.

Allow me to refresh myself where i have been =)
*Local (I am from KL PJ la? Then study in Malacca Matriculation for 1 year now in Penang for University) Traveled Major Cities in Peninsula States, except Kota Bahru in Kelantan!! and i have not step into the East Malaysia states yet! Sarawak and Sabah!
*International (Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and China)
Singapore is because having relatives there so possible to go annual basis, Vietnam HCM City, Indonesia is Jakarta, Thailand southern part family visit, and China the most recently, Shanghai, Beijing, FuZhou, Xiamen.

Yeap, Great Walls =) 

and Shanghai =) 
 More pictures for this internship which i was doing 8 weeks in China can view at geneharnshanghaiexchange.weebly.com

Recently got a few comments, "ehh you so richh laa.. can travel here and there" I guess for me, Travelling most of the time has no relations with Money, It really depends on how well you manage it. AirAsia now everyone can fly! And most important of all, how much do you earn back from the experience? 

I think recently i caught on the travelling bug because i am really interested in Town Planning and Architecture wise. I always believe if one is going to study a town planning of a location, it's just as deep as involving yourself in the community to know what's really going on, to understand how the whole social system works in the locals. I am not the typical tourist who just goes to this place, snaps some pictures with the landmark then considered done.
  1. I only consider done with myself visiting the place after feeling the satisfaction of understanding everything i needed to know. Market pricing, land pricing, legal studies of the local, community, population etc. 
  2. Try not to go into the tourist hits, but i will walk the backyards to encounter locals to share some opinions of theirs. I think all tourist places are the same, just the landmarks and its always "Clean" which does not necessary represent the way the local is.
  3. Do research of the place History instead of Travelling path. I take my time to research the brief history, understand and generate some curiosity then only walk the streets and observe for answers.
  4. I don't rush. I stay as long as possible to get my answers. After having exchange in Shanghai, i realize i learn so much when i try to integrate the daily local life routine into mine, join them to go morning markets, cooking.. You will soon realize everything connects, and learn them.
  5. Of course, always have a map. Where? Tourism Office. A few local trips i have done recently, Malacca, Kuala Perlis and Kuantan, i will head to the tourism office first, grab a map, and see the geographical details, socio economic distribution then decide where to start first. and yes i am a walker =) i walk and walk walk. 
  6. Get to know friends, not tourguides. Thanks to AIESEC, i think when i was in Shanghai, and travelling to other parts in China, i could easily get reference from other AIESECers in other major cities on their recommendations simply by email =)
  7. And lastly, thanks to my D5000, take tonnes of good pictures =) I am an Architecture Student, resources are important, and they come to you only when you travel most of the time. Talking about high resolutions pictures heh =) 
Conclusion? Most of the time, i prefer travel alone, because it's not rushing, i take my time, take the shots, observe and digest. And tour groups ain't my thing, backpack is my thing. Language isn't a barrier, thanks to internet. I discourage myself to buy stuffs, but just more photos, because photos don't expire, your thoughts too, travelling isn't about shopping, but writing stories of yours. Of course it's good to have partners travelling together too, but if they can be as crazy and spontaneous like you =) then good, so far, hard to find one. I love my shanghai exchange, simply because after 8 weeks i really learnt a lot, and considering spending 4k for 8 weeks is not much at all, while people can spend that amount in 5 days rushing through the trip. 

And yeap, i was doing some documentation for mom's school, bet it is one of the well equip primary schools you could get in Malaysia. More pictures at HERE. To all Ex YukChai students please take a look! Proud to be under this school once upon a time ya =) 

And tomorrow shall be one last day of fun before going MyLDS Conference at UTM! woohoo! more ground breaking news and tweets then! 

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