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Monday, November 8, 2010

[9/11/2010] MIRACLE happened! Missing Matrics! =)

It's 2am again, and suppose to face the blessed notes and thank God my friends attach some in the Facebook Group require me to search, and you know, i know =) Went through some pictures and there you go =) 

It's the First Album i uploaded to Facebook.

Yes, i was known as the white trousers guy =) Get to sit in the middle!

Seriously, it's the best 11months in my life. I call it a Miracle. Many things happened with God's will ever since Highschool i realized, it's quite amazing for me to think how much He directed to me to such place.

Then suddenly i thought, MIRACLE does not necessary mean something from God or something really good happened out of nowhere, it's your first thought, you can choose to think whether it's a Miracle or not.

I think my matrics life is one big Miracle. Being the only Chinese in the whole class and volleyball team is not something happened in coincident, i learnt so much from a KL brought up perspective, and i am truly glad. Even now when i hear whines and news about Matrics, i will just whisper to myself "they don't know what it takes =)" even asked my highschool councilor whether i can go back to promote about Matrics. 

After 2 years, i still cannot forget the every single moments of the turning point of my life. God sent me to a outofnowhere isolated place in Malacca and that's the moment, the first time attending chinese church, first time leading worship in chinese, first touch of almost everything. Praise God!

There are definitely tonnes of post i wrote about matrics, but one i really urge you to read is this entry i sent to a publication. 

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