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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[9/11/2010] Excitement amid of Exams

Yes, i am killed in action while i was surveying the land just now, basics of LandSurvey, my first paper of my 3rd semester in University just got off, now left with 3 more papers.. Then suddenly came out this news, from HEP. 
"Gerakan Sukarelawan USM untuk Bantuan Bencana Banjir Negeri Perlis: 12-14 November 2010. Pihak Universiti menyeru kepada semua pelajar/staf USM yang berhasrat menawarkan diri menjadi Sukarelawan membantu Mangsa banjir di Perlis supaya dapat mendaftarkan diri SEGERA. Seramai 200 orang Sukarelawan diperlukan."

And then that just got me, " I need to go for this!" though i have a paper on the 15th, but somehow there is an urge for me to go, i want to experience volunteer to a deeper level i guess? It's not like i am ignoring my studies, my coursemates could have easily judge me for not taking Studio and coursework seriously but seriously i did my really best in everything before. I don't know if i am crazy to take the 3 days in exam week to volunteer in a flood, but something just calls me to go. 

And to anyone who really knows me outside there, when i feel like doing it, how crazy it is, i will do it =) 
It's called Excitement and Satisfaction. perhaps.

The more i see people saying about exam stress, the more i say to myself "screw exams and university education, if principles don't bring you good, then why obey it? university life there is more than books and academic knowledge."

p/s i found another exciting NGO! it's called Raleigh! so gonna put my eyes on them and harvesting on a different experience instead on just management and leadership skills in AIESEC, which.. i think i have had enough of it.

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