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Friday, November 5, 2010

[6/11/2010] INSPIRATIONS. 4 Things i Hold on to.

I see, I feel, I caught Inspiration. That's what you heard everyday when something hits someone pretty hard to motivate themselves to really start to think and do something. Well it's called INSPIRATION. Inspired is One thing, Doing is Second thing, Executing is the Third thing, but Experiencing is not the Last thing. There are 4 stands i quote for INSPIRATION.

  1. INSPIRATION does not come from what a person makes and does most of the time, but WHAT MADE & DID a person. There are deeper Inspirations when you see how much one has gone through, knowing the inspiring things he/she did is just like the tip of an iceberg, knowing it all will hit you straight into your heart. 
  2. You don't need to search far and everywhere for INSPIRATION, because the first inspiration comes within you, because inspirations are forms of thoughts and the mastermind thinker behind these is just, you, yourself.
  3. Problems are Inspirations when you harvest them with an optimistic mindset. 
  4. Everything is Inspiring, Take the little wonders of life, Praise God for the insignificance as you find significance when you totally doubt you would, Inspiration draws in.

That's just a scribble thought from me =) It's always good to have your own Philosophy and Definition of life. Was in HomeDec 2010 just now morning at PISA! Awesome stuff! it's like a mini scale of Archidex!  Note this new technology, which i have yet to see before. 

This is called Eubiq system. Their innovative track capable system allows you to add, remove and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere. It's interesting because it's a mix and match system, meaning instead of having an extension in the conventional way, you can just buy the outlet (round thing) and just twist into the track. They don't use fuse here because there is for a shock detector ready to encounter it, note there are other functions like light and lancable etc.. Interesting? But budget? A 2.2meter package with 3 basic outlets cost more than a thousand. what else? But it's innovative! 

 Yes finally a year in USM, i went into PISA! Nice tensile Architecture Structure!

And yes I DISLIKE land Survey studies!

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