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Sunday, November 28, 2010

[29.11.2010] Namecards are Colorful!

Yes They Are, currently packing heading to FES National Conference, And suddenly thought of why not having namecard just for the event by knowing that this event has 450+ delegates and you wouldn't love writing one by one to others =) So i made it. Some of you could be thinking, what namecard? really neeh boh? i have been having namecards ever since College. Knowing the impacts and needs to have one at the most emergency time.

 Yes self made namecards and working namecards =) One is the official namecard for AIESEC work purpose, the other is the simply done on the go namecards. Difference? A lot. One is ten times cheaper then the other, much more colorful, much more information compared to the working one, but of course with a lousier quality and not so professional layout. I have blog about the significance and how i define namecards before, up to you how you gonna find it in my blog =)

Take Care World! Gonna be a great conference of discussion and relevance! 

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