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Thursday, November 25, 2010

[26/11/2010] HAPPY HOLIDAYS People! 3rd Semester Break!

Yes that's what i was doing when cycling around the campus and sending off my regards. Put my Printer and Guitar off at Interns house, grab the bags, off to the Aeroline bus =) Somehow still couldn't remember it's already semester break! Don't mind why i am over emphasizing =) though it's just ONLY one month -.-"

 Yea i guess i miss aeroline the bus so much =) Journey was late due to the congestion on the bridge again. Reached home at 11pm and so many nice things i realize at home....

Firsly, yea PAM magazine has arrived! It's the magazine by ArchitectsMalaysia. And then just realized their exhibition is going on and will hoop to there in no time more! 
And then i realize how this holiday is gonna be much more fun is COOKING!! Owhmygoodness! the fridge in the kitchen! just has so many things to try on! Long time no cook! well just in case you think i suck in that, then perhaps just take a look at Shanghai pics =P First time i tried cooking pork. Of course it didn't end up well -.-" But yea just had my maggi mee, which i add on sesame oil, egg, cheese, tomatopuree, cabbage etc. I cook since form one by the way =)

So yes List to do in Holidays!! yalaa too busy planning what to do!
1. YES project.. which has another endless boring-to-list out stuff to do..
2. "Reboot" my laptop, thousands of pictures and documents inside to reorganize/resize.
3. Portfolio please! I really need to generate some nice pictures!! processing skills!
4. Read finish New Penang book...
5. AND all in all, SLEEP WELL. which i also hardly do during holidays =S
6. and Blog more critical post! so boring la personal stuff!! 

So yes things attending in Holidays!
26/11 GatheringofGreatMinds Conference at MontKiara. LATER!!!
27-28/11 WorldAidsDay Volunteer at SgWangPlaza, organizer by PT foundation.
28/11 Visit to PAM Architecture Exhibition at Dataran Merdeka around there.
29-4/12 FES National Conference, a Christian Youth Conference organized once in 5 years.
5-6/12 Malacca road trip with KMM gang.. back to Matriculation College
7-11/12 Spend some good time AT HOME please! 
12-18/12 MYLDS 2010 Conference at UTM Johor
19-25/12 Friends Catching up time + CHRISTMAS!
26/12 Back to the Exciting Uni =) 

RIP Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu, the Father of Modern Penang, one of the Greatest Politician in Malaysian History and Chief Minister of Penang has passed away. will definitely blog about it, without him, not even the Penang Bridge picture above. He has done great things, did not know him only until just now, and his Great Works are truly anyone in Malaysia should respect. More information at TheStar.

Till then =) 

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