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Friday, November 26, 2010

[26.11.2010] GatheringofGreatMinds Conference,6 Inspiring Icons in one day!

Yes truly it is a Gathering of the Great Minds. This is the 2nd time i join and praise God this time also free entrance fee, thanks to some sponsorship of Canadian Students Association. This is a series of conference, in 1 platform, with 3 different conference themes and 24 inspiring Great Minds. More info please refer here. All 3 series for 2010 has ended, waiting for 2011 GOGM as i propose Richard Branson and Tony Fernandes to join us next time!

While i am typing this, i could have wished that i had my laptop with me to type down every single little significant details. True enough, i say that what i hear today is too much for one could absorb, 6 distinctive speakers with 6 different style of presentations. I could have blog 6 different post because all 6 has very different sets of inspiration and approach. But here i am,giving you a flash glance of what happened =)

Presenting the 6 GreatMinds, from Left to Right,
Row one, Masami Sato, Founder of B1G1, talks about Revolutionizing Industries  ; Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Columnies & Women's Right Activist talks about Getting Used to Equality for Women ; Anas Zubedy, Managing Director & founder of Zubedy Sdn Bhd which talks about Do it for Unity.
Row two, Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics talks about leaderships in 21st Century, Dhyan Vimal founder and chairman of Friends to Mankind, who talks about participating in the Transformation of the World, and lastly, Dr Patch Adams, founder of Gesundheit! Institute talking about What is your love Strategy?

Just some brief recaps of their contents more specific. Masami Sato! I love her Japanese English Slang! Speaks very patiently and calm, got her points right into our heads, emphasizing her world of imagine a world, where everytime you dine in for a meal, you are also feeding another person; imagine you are checking in a hotel, you could provide accomodation for 5 others. Imagine a world when you buy 1, you give 1. So yea i believe she is doing programs and CSR for various companies module.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir shared on Women's Equality by giving an example of Mad Man award winning TV Series. How Women begin to step up as Leadership Role. Case studies etc. Below is a picture with her =) The one at middle left!

Anas Zubedy also impresses me! Didn't know that he has been writing for theStar columnist and bet many other inspiring corners. He said that the Reality is that who Controls what we pay attention to Controls the World. He touched about Unity as 1Malaysia as well as 3 types of Motivation, and if we are to improve ourselves, only use Personal Reasons! His topic was wide and precise! 

Next, Roshan Thiran! wanted to meet him personally as knowing he provided AIESEC Malaysia MyLDS last year with the module, he spoke about his experience, from finance track to HR, and how he monitor Companies crerating leaders, about GE creating more leaders and CEOs in the century, why Mozilla with 40+ employees can overtake 17000 in Internet Explorer? Inspiring Enough, his style was so fast and intense!

On the other hand, Dhyan Vimal emphasize on CONTACT. yes that's the single word he has been repeating the whole session, that all of us are not in contact, in contact to participate in the transformation of humanity, this huge thing that we are undergoing and most of us claim that we are part of it but we are just not Contact at all to participate! 

Lastly will be Dr Patch Adams =) 

 Of course, more than words. Deserves another post. his story is like ripples i believe, he did not really tell his stories which i suppose most of us know what is he for, but he shared to us on strategy for loves, what is our own strategy? We are saying about Loving Strategy for all, as a universal language, not boy girl thing. His was clowning, and showing that clowning is outside of circus. His style was mind blowing, almost every sentence can sense a rare quotes there.

Yea really met a lot of awesome people, Tim Fernandes, founder of Live&Inspire was there as well. And get to catch up with Matthias Gelber, the world's greenest man there =) Shared with me about his Dubai trip! 

 And yea i got a lot of Goodies, because participated in 2 questions or sort of =) Valueble books =) just added to the never ending to read list =) 

The whole thing is definitely mind blowing, till right now i am still thinking the whole thing as if a dream, sitting down there and listening to the one who describes Love as something i have never heard before, who shares about Christianity in his perspective with Universal Love, about so many other inspiring individuals. AWESOME!

OK! time to sleep! Shall prepare for tomorrow's volunteer in WorldAIDSDay at SungaiWangPlaza! come and join us and support us! See you there! Then FES National Conference coming soon! woohoo!

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