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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[25/11/2010] REFLECTION =) 3rd Semester

Yeap, so here it is again. The final night of the semester in the Hostel, done packing and squeezing in those 6 box into the storeroom and felt like writing about this. And really, if you don't feel good about reading philosophies and all, then skip this long winded post of mine, simply need to write it to evaluate my whole semester =) Or not you will be like the cat below =P 

ahhaha yeap had fun with them for a random shooting session =) 
I think again, it's a crazy semester. I think i never really get a proper rest ever since university.. read up!

yea true enough, while people assume Holiday is the time to rest and hibernate in the bed all you want, the sleeping late routine is still up, not because of facebook chat but certainly online resources is more than meets the eye. So yes! what about the whole semester? 

Whole thing wraps up with Steamboat again like what we have been doing for the past 2 semesters =) 

In this mini evaluation i will compare based on my earlier blog post, 3rd Quarter Resolution, the expectation setting for 3rd Quarter, which also means 3rd Semester from the new beginning of July. So the whole year is ending soon again, will wrap up when the end hits.

Year 2010 Year of Thoughts
4 Quarters theme:
Quarter of Resolution
Quarter of Understanding
Quarter of Management
Quarter of Defining Thoughts

I remember emphasizing on this point: "Our lives resolution is pretty much like Project Management. Project you have Vision, Mission and Objectives, all played and defined with different time line. In life i see us as having the years counting down, you have the year vision, then you have quarter mission, and then monthly objectives. something like that."
In Quarter of Understanding, i stood for this point that every discussion is a series of understanding and does not always have to conclude in agreement as soon as possible. All these reminded me the few experiences i faced this semester. It's like owhmygoodness, the whole sem just flew past again, so YES really did happen, so many more people and spontaneous events came in, All in all, i am GLAD. Always excited to survive through one sem after another with satisfaction. 

I remember, even coursemates are worried for me for my studio works more than i am. Even during birthday wishes, could see wishes of busy guy from most of them. But i believe in what YeeLeng says, We are not Busy, we are just doing things! It's indescribable of how many ups and downs the whole sem has been, barely could even catch a breath, and with God's strength manage to finish this semester up happily =) I think perhaps, it's just because i have the passion to repair my life again and again that i can live this life with who i am. Not to be proud of, but i think it takes personality to build up to face all the productive things i went through.

Most of the time when i talk about semester planning, it touches with AIESEC. Yes again another nice sem to go through the double A syndrome, AIESEC + Architecture. And i know next sem will be triple intense with new things happening, this sem is just pretty surface of the project i guess. But i guess i will head to H4TF soon, just some personal stuffs i was thinking that i could be so much more professional in Architecture Networking if i invest my time in the right circle. 3rd Semester has been a semester where.. finally i find my passion and focus. Unlike the crazy 1st year life joining crazy variety stuffs which i blame most of them for bringing me into unnecessary networks. I am actually looking for third world =) though i know i'm stepping down from @ but there is a whole new thing waiting for me, waiting to do it eagerly =) 

3rd Semester is a score of 8 out of 10. Many things achieved i guess, as long if i feel that i have improved in expectation, then cool. BUT, i doubt my time management is cool enough this semester. Why? still can play CounterStrike ma! =D or maybe because when i focus i could really do twice faster than others? Not sure.. or MAYBE because i don't sleep much...? But another thing about 3rd semester i realize is, i encounter more personal heart talks and discover that i'm never a loner, as much as i love to be alone most of the time to do things faster, 

but there is this great sense of belonging that gives you the ultimate motivation to continue doing what you are doing. And it's when people see what you love doing and be who you are, you don't need to do much to earn their respect sometimes =) 

I love this Semester. I discover so many things, actually we discover many things all the time, just how our mind perceives it, but if you stop and stare and just look at a small event of your life and twist the perspectives around it, yes, you discover many things. =) Maybe i just love thinking too much! Slaps* And yea i discover many things.. including She =) 

and yea this is actually a picture of my room first semester. Notice it's much more nicely done, perhaps the bed sheet which made the difference compared to the flowerish one now.. *yea i need to spend more time on tidying up my room.. =S though once i always think is just to SLEEP and STORE... LOL

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