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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[24/11/2010] Where to cycle for a day @ Penang?

At most of the time, i prefer doing stuffs alone, because stuffs that i do, unless someone is a little crazy and spontaneous enough like me, then i won't be alone =) Well, so how i celebrated my birthday? I told everyone that i am not available during my birthday, and everyone met me and celebrated the day before =S so what's with that special day?

Yeap., i did the thing i wanted to do the most in the whole semester ever since i got my Lerun bike =) Guess where is this taken? 

Yea it was meant to be an Architecture Georgetown photography trip but i turned it more like an explore trip around. It only take 40 minutes from RST to Gurney for real. Definitely faster than waiting for Rapid Penang. Things i grab? My D5000, everything except the flashgun, Tripod, 1.5L water bottle and Google Earth images stored in D5000. Let the pictures do the talking =) 

And yea, i use Jalan Masjid Negeri on the west to reach GreenLane, then turn into Jalan Free School then pass by PCGHS and soon PenHOP =) then Gurney! and what's in Gurney? 

 Yea i went to the Food Court to grab the Rojak =) Not bad at all for real! Then went to Esplanade and pass by Jetty and Ferry Terminal then reach Chew Jetties! Took a round of nice Old Jetty shots =) 

Then went around KOMTAR area to search.. then who knows there is just all my heaven bicycle shop!! It's really a bicycle specialize shop because they don't only customize bikes with their wide range of gears but also organizer of events and sponsor for USM engineering campus bike expedition! 

Next up, Cendol =) 
Next up, Komtar, Perangin Mall  for a shopping round! 

Dinner in Pulau Tikus, then GreenLane MCD, then back to RST =) 

Photo Collage for a one preview =) More photos at Facebook! 

And yes that's quite a fruitful mini expedition of Georgetown, perhaps next time i shall go to the South or Balik Pulau riding over some hills =D 

And yes my best friend Catherine gave the best birthday present i have ever wanted =D Guitar Capo!! no wonder la she has been asking me about capos! Dunlop brand wei!! Kidnap me today to watch Harry Potter at Gurney =) though it's a long story. Appreciate whatever you have done! hugs* will miss you for your japan trip! 

Yes i got that a lot "welcome to the 20s!"  "Big boy already laa, not budak anymore..." Well, i guess i have nothing special to say about my birthday, it's ain't a 21 years old birthday, meaning i will spend one more year hoping i could be childish a longer =D hah! Owh well it's just numbers. but yea this year's birthday is certainly different much. I guess i'm never a guy who really looks for surprises neither birthday, my pass birthdays have been pretty fine with family, and never wanted to make a big party out of it. 

But this year, i had 2 cakes and 2 cupcakes. LOL thanks to the coursemates and other friends. Surprises or not, does not matter, but this year's Birthday makes me realize something, yes i really do have friends! *and yes you could be whacking me and say "man of course la you social around so much'* true enough that's what most people say, but the stories stay same with me and others, most people say we are social flyers, a lot of friends etc, but the truth for some of us is that, we are loner behind all this social simply because i assume most people think that we are just busy with other people, and thus everyone in the circle network thinks the same thing and end up us spending time alone =S 

I can go another day of posts to share about my definition of social networking and the way i see relationships are but what i am pointing out is! yeaa i never really had friends celebrated birthday for me actually =) I mean i like this year's, having 3 other people together just digging into the cake and indulging into some random topics. I ain't a party boy, seriously. 

What makes me think this is i remember the huge difference in perspective people see me, some say social elite some say lone ranger, well, that's my first year lecturer it seems. I heard my name has been mentioned lately, in front of my school's first year, my juniors, but this favourite lecturer of mine, and perhaps some misunderstanding that my DT internship to shanghai has become a 8 weeks backpacking the whole china trip for him =S so there you go " Go talk to your Senior GeneHarn la! he's been a lone ranger." well of course with good intention because i do no harm =P 

Gahhh suddenly feel this post so boring =S maybe all photos will be just good, but of course not going to put upload all photos, suggestion? slide shows? just go my fb see la! =D 

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