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Monday, November 1, 2010

[2/11/2010] Georgetown Inspiration

It was a great Sunday. Had the best walkabout in Georgetown with the coolest weather ever felt since coming to USM. Schedule was simple, and satisfying, Morning RifleRange Exhibition > Litte India > 1st Avenue Site Visit> Penang Cendol> YES Meeting> Too bad captain ball cancelled due to rain> but i tried cycling to Queensbay then =)  and just 15 minutes to Qbay cycling, to register for Penang Bridge Marathon and buy Eggs and Tomato.. from Qbay!

RifleRange Competition Pictures at Facebook!
More high res pictures can ask me! 

Georgetown has became an inspiration again. but it's a Sunday and we forgot that most hawker stalls are at rest, but found one finally. It's very healthy to see cyclist cycling around 9 in the morning, noticed that lesser cars, thanks to the Sundays. Very tempting to come on next sunday again to focus more on Photography. 

The so called Bicycle Lane, Just wanna make me say, " I just don't know what the painting symbolizes" not even a bicycle look! Motorbike lane la?

Great to see weekend activities rolling in town to add the atmosphere up!

Yes Deepavali is here =) Right time to come! 

And yes i am totally sick of Chendol already, certainly Chendol at Sitiawan is still the best.
And yes i am blogging because i am so stuck and bored with Principles of Architectural Design, it's fun i admit, but you know what i mean. haha.

But seriously, i am still with Georgetown as an Architecture Student for one and half year to go, what on Earth am i going to do with it? Not other Architecture Student in other universities has this wonderful town, or Maybe neither of my coursemates really aware that we can do endless opportunities with this heritage town.

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