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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

[2/11/2010] Architecture Digest! Winding Spine Mall

This is a feed from my Tweetdeck, thought it will be great to "retweet" in my blog, quite inspiring to see again this supports my current thought that i feel current HBP is just too lacking of conceptual and many things that Architecture students could be observing instead of sitting on the studio chair to draw straighr lines. Read more here! 
There certainly isn't a shortage of shapes and sizes in this shopping mall designed by Ron Arad Architects. Located near Santiago Calatrava's high speed rail station in Liège, Belgium, "Médiacité" has a 1150 foot (350 meter) long winding spine that connects two mall buildings together.

Constructed from a complex network of steel roof ribs that undulate and arch over the mall’s main pathway, the mall’s spine gets natural sunlight through a translucent material. At the end of the building, the roof curves down and transforms into the facade of the building, which also serves as a rain screen.

Awesome right? But as Architecture Students, you consider Built Environments around as well, so imagine if you are going to do this, even in Rich places like Bangsar, then well, let's just say they don't go in pairs.

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