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Saturday, November 20, 2010

[21/11/2010] Perfect Ending!

 Yes Hi World, it's again the very routine oh so boring personal life updating of GeneHarn! Promise myself will post up more thoughts digesting post, though most readers tell me it's kinda mind killing to read about outer facts. So here i am! 4.29am under a tent in Penang Marathon, Heavy rain poured down and thousand of runners running and soaking all the way. Really afraid that Hypothermia can happen anytime because the breeze on the bridge was super cooling, what more when it rains? Good thing to be the event Official Photographer this time =) 

But i still registered for Half Marathon, burnt the money, someone buy 4D for me with my number i guess? 

And yes i said it's a perfect ending after my final paper! which is Yesterday Friday! Had lunch that head to SERI talk in Wawasan Open University with Wilson. The talk is about Rural-Urban Relations in the Mega Urban Region, talked by Terry Mc Gee, a professor from University of British Columbia Vancouver. Goodness learn a lot! And most of the others are non students audience. I will leave for another post on the many topics that he touched and the digestion i had during the session.

 and Praise God that i manage to secure contacts with some people, met with General Manager which i called up last time for Y.E.S purpose. And the best of all, i guess because i asked a question during QnA, i got this book!! Pilot Studies for New Penang! by the Editor!! Ooi Kee Beng and Goh Ban Lee. Got it personally from him and this cost like 50 bucks outside and i thought of buying just the day before! At first he thought of giving me PEM magazine but i guess my greed does good =S 

And yes it's gonna be nice for sure. Talking about digesting Penang Blueprint for 2020? A preview about it? Definitely more excited than ever can be! =D Rises up books for holiday*

And why another best day? 3 events in a day. next? Steamboat with the Coursemates =) A must do after every last paper every semester =) All future Architectures yo! 

And next? my first time been to Penang House Of  Prayer PENHOP. 3 hours of non stop prayer and worship, what else can be better to have your friday nights to be encounter nights =) I was late though, spent an hour walking around in the Town to find the place in Pulau Tikus, as walking from Komtar =) God Bless me with such discovery! 

And yes 3 of the events of the day pretty much is what i focus too. NGO and Networking, Coursemates & Architecture, and above all else, God =) And guess who i found just now? 

Yes it's GuangLiang!! Michael Wong!! He was in Qbay having his mini Concert to promote his Concert in KL this December. Good picture? why? because Event official Photographer can enter ma =P More pics up now! Ok going back to take pics of people running again =) 


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