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Monday, November 15, 2010

[16/11/2010] Perlis After Flood Cleaning Effort- USM Volunteer Squad

Hi World... I realize i have not really posted up personal pictures before... so in case with one after a nice 6 bucks hair cut... Tada! the 15 years old look again =) Man i just never look Mature enough i guess =) Maybe i am just too cheerful and having the optimistic look all the time to keep me chubby!

Actually i was expecting the Volunteering effort to be more Physical x) Like helping Flood Victims to shift personal belongings or Logistic wise that will encounter with more Victims and share experience, but i guess these works definitely reserved to RELA or a safer group to do it, guess that i believed HEP won't let us do crazy things =)

Stayed in UniMAP, met Raja Perlis, met UniMAP YDP of MPP, had a nice view of their apartment style hostel =) Most of the after flood cleaning effort remains on Cleaning up garbage, You will notice that all the plastic bags and bottles of the streets are pretty clean, why? All floated and clogs the Draining system, and worst case, most places in Perlis are seriously having Drainage problem, to add on the factor of most places are Paddy Fields. 

I think it's the Nearest i have ever been to Malaysian Thai Border, Arau is just like 5kms from the Border! Manage to grab some details of the Architecture there =)

Definitely would be more excited to involve in any other Volunteering Activities, Raleigh KL would be a nice to look after, however of course you need to go through tests and trainings to really get into one. 2nd last paper just went by, guess just need to wait for the last one this Friday. All spotted questions did not come out but in fact came out all basics and easiest ones =S Not Good, means i did not emphasize on them. gahgahgah! Anyhow, God is truly Blessing these few weeks along =) 

For more Pictures, it's at Facebook =) or a photo Collage below will tell the story =)

Goodness, sorry for a boring post, maybe it's 3.30am and i am being demotivated by the messy room and list to dos =) Tomorrow going to have a Morning Library and then to Queensbay to collect my running vest and also Movie with PKA gang =)

p/s Already done planning Sem Break to do list and now thinking of what to focus next semester pulak!

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