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Friday, November 12, 2010

[12/11/2010] Screw it, Let's do it.

Isn't the quote familiar? "Screw it, Let's do it" Remembering back the book i was reading, "Losing my Virginity" by Sir Richard Branson, the only Biography that i managed to finish reading it. And basically sharing his success from the business world since 15 years old, from a selling highschool magazine, until now a founder of the virgin group of companies. Inspiring definitely, now that reminds me that BigBadWolf Booksales in KL! =/ *reminding myself i have tonnes of book on the waiting list waiting to absorb all in =) JaredDiamond!

And I am currently packing! for 6pm bus to leave to Perlis to help the victims in Flood.
I don't know what task will be given, but i trust what HEP ask us to do is not crazy for sure, 3 things priority to bring, Bible + DSLR + BOOKS! Yes exam is on the 15th, the next day after coming back, sure studying there with my LED light at night. 

Never expect good things, good stuffs or good sleeping place, but expecting good hearts, good stories and good volunteering process. If people ask me why this might seem to be crazy while it's middle of exam, If i am sure that my actions can bring hope to even one of them there, why do i care about the one mark in my exam. In fact i never believe my exam will be affected. If God calls you to go, then why worry?

I finally dig out those random photos taken by my SE F305, just a normal 2mp non auto focus camera. But they are still pictures =) Memories. Take 1, Matriculation Class! Chemistry Class! Love it! 

Take 2, USM Life! my Studio Corner! Aircond + Lancable+ guitar makan all in locker! what else can be better! 

And here i go packing! Happy to got the sms "tolong bawa baju yang ada USM Logo" then i am like Yes finally can wear those ugly shirts to somewhere which i have been keeping at the bottom of my wardrobe! =P
God Bless me! 

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