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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[11.11.2010] Looking Behind before You Step In Front

I am writing this post because It might be something a lot of young generations are truly unaware, and it's because i am Sure that many are not. Once i was reading Doraemon, where Nobita cracked a joke "Do you know why God placed two eyes in front of us? So that we can see ahead and be optimistic!" Lame it may sound but in fact it's one of the known quotes. 

However that's the problem i realize, this 21st generation exposure is somehow encouraging the younger generation to explore and engage their possibilities to create the future, to be surrounded by the rapid changes of technologies from day to day, to look so far beyond they can imagine off with the things they know. But one thing i want to ask, What do they know about their past?

I think it is very important for us to trace our roots. Yes i am talking about if you are chinese, you speak your dialect and not only mandarin and where are your roots really from.

 This picture showed my great great granddad, it was taken when i was in Shanghai doing my Internship, traveled a 14hours bus 800km down to South to FuJian, and one of the village in AnXi where i found my roots. I knew it because Dad brought me here and saved it on GoogleEarth gonna bring my kids here next time.

Inside the Lim House? Tablets show all the Lim Generations, to which i do not know of, but it is amazing to see all your great greats name on there. Even the Local would want to talk to you so much and try to see how we are related. Imagine a village where all surnames are the same! 

Though important or not it may sound, but i think it's worthwhile to ask your parents about this, i think it would be inspiring from them too. They are reasons why Culture needs to be remain, not new Cultures that we form from virtual things like facebook. We are talking about hundred years of traditions and most of our generation is not knowing anything about it! 

The reason why i suddenly blog about this and tag about this is because of a conversation in Kampus Sejahtera office.. Met with this Senior Staff randomly and then she asked "Are you Final Year? Are you from KL?" She identified my slang of english from KL, and then she starts to ask if i speak Hokkien and all the dialects we can relate to, it's scary to realize that, almost all the highschool friends i know in KL are bananas, and what more about speaking their own dialects. This is a 21st Century affair, which rarely one appreciates because the things are changing too fast. We spoke for 20 minutes, sharing about perspectives and all... and all i could just say is, 

People, learn your origins and dialects, pass it down, or lame things like facebook is going to pass you to nowhere, a 3 years virtual technology taking over a hundreds of years of traditions? Now that's something to ponder about =)

Goodness i need to learn up my Hokkien =/

And yes that's the popular tradition food in XiaMen, guess a lot of QuanZhou and Fujian people eat this during the 19th Century, also very possible for the chinese muslim sailors from QuanZhou port that came to Malaysia =)

p/s many things i discovered during my visit to the Muslim Maritime museum there, it's proved, pure proved that Islam used to be the main religion there and it spread to Terengganu and beyond Malaysia then. I have pictures =) 

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  1. this is a good piece.
    enlightening the younger generation.
    btw, u speak hokkien?