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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[7/10/2010] A Morning Shoutout

Yea just a short post to shout out for this Morning =) Don't know why but like there is this surprise stirring in my heart, like God is going to give me a surprise or he has already been blessing me with abundance of things =)

I am currently in Pelita now.. RotiTelur + Neslo Ice + and Half Boiled eggs, spent my night on my LandSurvey Assignments, and then cycled here in the weez hour and now with the morning call. I realize i have change a lot this semester, especially when i started to have my bicycle, *which i have not shown her here. haha. I guess i really travel a lot myself now, though it's much more faster and effective and basically its like i want to go anywhere anytime no problem, even climbing the slopes in RST is such normal already, hope that helps my marathon soon. 

And i realize, (well ever since Matriculation College) My laptop is really everywhere with me, but this time, it seems my DSLR too. I guess i believe this two motto for myself, If you want to be Efficient and Effective, then don't give excuse, in this case, i bring my laptop everywhere, harddisk as well, though it might be heavy (thanks to my Pierre Cardin durable bag) But you just get use to it. It's like you have no reason to be in room because you have so much to utilize with your laptop and when the wifi signal is good in USM Main Campus everywhere. Quoting John C Maxwell again, "To go Fast, Go alone; To go Far, Go with a Team"

I'm Gonna smell and touch my room this weekend again! woohoo!
And bringing back my assignment again. haha.

It's gonna be an awesome Thursday =) 
Event at 8.30am, Land Survey Classs, BM Class, then Green Education for YES team! 

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