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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[6/10/2010] My Blogger BlogStats Q3

There are some things i would like to share =D Many of you know the latest Blogger Draft could supply you statistics about anything about your blog. This is something that rather hit my attention. Many times we were talking about Social Media, how to attract many visitors, one very simple way is to hit the headline hard. 

If you search up on Google, "1Malaysia Definition" or.. "Architecture USM" you will most probably see my blog appear in the search engine as the 3rd result after the official page of the event/related party itself. =)

Take a look! "My Definition for 1Malaysia" was posted Last Year August, and it's always the top hit for each day each week each month? Why? Simply because it hit what people wants to read about.

This is today's view. Post stats.

This is the 3rd Quarter Post view stats. 
Note that all the top blog posts are public engaging, such as Vertical Farming, URA, USM with TIMES Ranking, Putrajaya city planning.. Stuffs like this.. 

And just in case you are wondering how well blogger stats can tell you, please i have nothing to boast about my blog traffic, there are thousands of blogs in Malaysia having higher visits compared to mine =D 

Note that it is said that China is having relatively high internet usage and growing more rapidly comparing to the states. A very simple reason of not having China hits... is simply because Blogger and Blogspot is banned in China -.-" If not i would have as much as twice visitors i bet =) 

Going AUTOCAD Class now!

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