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Monday, October 4, 2010

[5/10/2010] A KLian in Penang...

Good Day everyone =D It's back to Blogging again =) Recently have a really crazy unproductive directionless week, perhaps all because my sleeping hours has gone upside down, like 9am to 5pm? Then 6am for a TehOIce and Paper Tosai at Khaleel? crazy... and guess what is the reward for the arrival of October... 
MURUKU. 1kg just for RM6.50 at Tesco.

FATS? Well who cares? 
at least there are something to munch about during Assignments in the weez hours =)

And reason why i say or Repeat a million times again "what If" i am in KL still, now Harish just threw me one another reason, There are just so many international conferences going on in KL, and just when you get invitations to go, you just go la, "Argh, here comes skipping lecture again" Last time because of another Round of Conference Gathering of Great Minds, then Back for sister convo this weekend, then next one on the 21st October.  It's by Schneider Electric, INSPIRATION 2010 very tempted in fact confirm i am going no matter what because of the very well relations towards YES project and My architecture studies =) And their target group is young working adults and SMES, so hoping i can grab to know some exciting stuffs there =)  

Why again? Check out the Agenda man!
So many topics hit the right spot of me =) 

And oh ya USM 1Malaysia Hari Raya Open House was yesterday =) Glad to meet with our dear Vice Chancellor  Prof. Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abdul Razak and also Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Omar Osman. Event is simple and memorable to see all the familiar faces of University in one same spot =) 

And yea my wife went naked =) Glad to tune her on those sexy strings again =) So tempting to do Video Recording Song Composing, but again back to the same question... "Mana ada masa?" 
Bible Study was Great just now with CellGroup, talked about Passion for Christ, Prioritizing Spiritual Matters, Developing a Committed Heart, and The cost of Following Jesus, basically it is all about Commitment and the 3 Challenges faced by Disciples, Namely Comfortable, Convenient and Distracted. It was a short understandable studies but the sharing again made all ears up for it =) Nice!

And yes i am in Konkos now doing my AUTOCAD =) Thanks to my bicycle again i can go anywhere anytime now =) well, really. 

Have a Blessed Night ahead people =) 

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    u worst than ur hamster malam malam awake..
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