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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[5/10/2010] Eat + Pray + Love

Good Evening World =)  I came out with a very random notice that... 

Very Surprising actually.. Like there are just so many assignments datelines and events back to back and i still can feel the sense of freedom, I think Eat + Pray + Love really works. I eat a lot and during odd hours, like NasiLemak+RotiTosai+TehOIce every Morning 6am in Khaleel and not sleeping before that, Pray and talk to God about my problems.. and most importantly, Love the way i am now. 

Well, Praise God =) But i only start worrying when i see my friends start to worry so much. Perhaps because i am a person who is willing to take my own sweet time and talk about anything under the sun, but rather do not sleep just to finish up assignments, instead of rushing them =)

Well, Life is a little bit sweeter then =) Cannot wait for this weekend!

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