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Saturday, October 30, 2010

[31/10/2010] The Perfect Date

Yes Indeed, the Month of October is like the Conclusion of Everything, University Students gets their Assignment wraps up (Yes Praise God Finally it's over), Students facing their finals.. Companies wrap up their Finance Report.. Projects wrap up their Quarter and Annual Review.. This and That. 31/10/2010, When Pastor Sam did a great job of addressing the Month of October as the Month of the Many of Many's at SNL just now. haha. 

It's good to have the first month of 4th Quarter Quarter of Defining Thoughts over, Many awesome things happened over the month, many long lasted sleepless nights, Summarizing up of YES team, Preparing for Finals.. Events here and there.. All in all, Praise God that it has been a fruitful Month really =) 

A summary of pictures as below =) More pictures can see it at Facebook.

And if you are interested in My Architecture Assignment, Lighting test specifically, 
could see it at Facebook too.

So yes what's on for the last day of October? Awesome!
  • Morning visit to RifleRange Architecture Competition Exhibition with Jinbang..
  • Then Head to 1st Avenue to Visit the site..
  • Then head to Penang Cendol!
  • Then back to USM for Y.E.S Meeting with AIESECers.
  • Then Captainball with the awesome PKAians! 
  • Then Queensbay to register for PBIM..
  • then Baskin Robbin for the special day? wohoho =) 

On another note, Pastor Sam did a great job on sharing the sermon of David and his struggles and his determination to turn to God and not for Help but to exalt his name in the deepest time. More interesting is he shared about this.

 Did you know:
  1. Psalm 118 is the middle chapter of the entire Bible?
  2. Psalm 117, before Psalm 118 is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
  3. Psalm 119, after Psalm 118 is the longest chapter in the Bible?
  4. The Bible has 594 chapters before Psalm 118 and 594 chapters after Psalm 118?
  5. If you add up all the chapters except Psalm 118, you get a total of 1188 chapters?
  6. 1188 or Psalm 118 verse 8 is the middle verse of the entire Bible?
     Should the central verse not have a fairly important message? "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man." - Psalm 118:8 Is this central verse not also the central theme of the entire Bible? This is not a coincidence. God is in complete control.

I say AMEN! =) Have a great sunday people! 

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