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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[27/10/2010] Countdown begins!

Hi World! Yes Countdown begins! The Month of October always leads to many exciting year end stuff, well but not the so exciting finishing point of 2010. Man time's just too fast. Countdown to after all the papers FES National Conference... MNC.. and guess wanna assign myself an assignment afterall. 

A random post in Plus 2 now, getting their WanTanMee, never got bored of it, hopefully until a day later. It's the final week before Study week already, many things remain stirred in my thoughts. And well, let's just say, for HBP students, as long their assignments have not end, they are not in peace to study =) 

 Yea, Lighting Model. =) This time assignment is about Surau, required to do 4A1, man this is like the shortest project of all, like 3 or 4 weeks? From Site Analysis to final product? 

Well, only if i have more time to do a better one, thought i calculated 250 points, which teacher just needed 40+ -.-".

Recently only realize how to really utilize Twitter, not for the news feed by following brands but tagging and then realize that more people will follow you if you say interesting stuffs =P same goes the other way around. haha. 

But really, Facebook sucks, Twitter Rocks.
Any Say? =)