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Monday, October 25, 2010

[26/10/2010] Inspiring Penang!

Yes, i think our lives are just like Starbucks, so many sweet choices. Picture taken in NUS when me and Jinbang, my coursemate, were visiting, man they have starbucks in their Hostel! bangs! Recently was thinking about my future path, what's after AIESEC? what's with my Architecture path?

I realize the theory plays back again, the more people you know, the more opportunities, and the more BAD opportunities, all you really need is FOCUS. that's all. I wasted networking on some group of people i should not know, some i am glad of. Anyways, i am recalling my plans for 3rd year. Many uncertainties, but one just pop up.

I find Penang as a very Inspiring place. Studying as Architecture in USM gives another reason, i really wish to focus on ArchiGraphy of Penang, there are so much to be appreciated within these old lines of the old facades. There must be a focus of me into Architecture Photography or it's simply wasting my skills. By this time, i should be adjusting all of my skills and time investment into my future opportunities in my career. 

If i could really focus into a production, provided with really taking up advance photoshop or video editing skills, then if there's really a market to sell my production to Archifirms or event Tourism department, i don't see why not when i can get to know more relevant person rather than the same uni circle of friends. It simply means, it's time to do some serious things, i am not going to sit my butt in studio for the next 3 and half years. I have other visions and paths too, but well.. shall do S.W.O.T analysis soon =) Focus Gene-Harn!

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