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Sunday, October 24, 2010

[24/10/2010] Just need to P.U.S.H Harder =)

It's been a Good Weekend, though i did not really know how i utilize it.. Had CG wrap up just now.. talking about exciting future CG expansion plans.. and then Captain ball was great, nice to catch up with the Family.. and now Assignmenting and skipping MyOA and later Team"day". This week starting to compile notes finally, and unless assignment has been over, then no need talk about study la!

Recently i am quite caught up with H.O.P.E this word, Hearing Other People's Experiences. Quite make sense it all aspects, until yesterday after Church service SNL, it was quite an inspiring talk from a pastor in Indonesia. How Unfailing prayer and sacrifice is necessary to harvest an opportunity. Be Strong and Steadfast, have faith, 

Pray Until Something Happens! 

and God just needs 1 day to change your life around! The quote "Ask and you shall receive" is not a one way request, God wants to see our patience and passion to hear him, it's just like applying a sponsorship or scholarship, it's not a knock and take thing. 

Yea, that hit me pretty hard!

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