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Friday, October 22, 2010

[22/10/2010] INSPIRATION 2010 by Schneider Electric

Now i know why it's called INSPIRATION 2010.
It's definitely one of the crazy things i do for this 3rd Semester, going back KL for lesser than 24 hours just for a conference. Surprisingly this time i didn't question much the value of the conference before telling Harish whether i want to attend, and burnt off 120 bucks just for the fast travelling with Aeroline bus. Truth is i learnt super lot! The first ever Corporate showcase conference i went and expectations more than met.

It's like you say " Hi i'm GeneHarn from USM" and when others go what? and introducing themselves from which companies. Yea it's all companies, it's all business deals and understanding here. Thanks to Harish for allowing me to be your Company Intern to attend this haha.

Me and Harish at the Entrance =)

I went there with expectation for External Relation purpose, about securing sponsorship for Y.E.S Project, which after this i will look into them, heard they have annual student competition.But i ended up learning how Corporates position themselves in a Blue Ocean Strategy. How so many corporations are actually really educating going green and implementing them rather awareness.

 They sing to you the troubles and give you the lyrics of solution. 

Same goes to Y.E.S i suppose, if you are about to educate and give awareness, and there is no platform for execution, then i guess not really a sustainable idea.

For some of you who knows me, i have had name card long before getting one from AIESEC =) To me it's definitely more than business sense, many things in my life happened because of just giving out a card. It feels different though, throwing yours into a pile a corporates namecard, (Which you are SO tempted to grab all of them back! )

Yea, Energy University. I signed up for it, it's a virtual learning course. Definitely cool enough to have a whole package supply to their target audience to make it effective. 

At this rate, i could only tell you one thing would make me quit Architecture in USM, if you all have heard Masdar City (which i will blog later) the zero carbon training center for future professionals in RE and EE, if i get to go that place i will leave everything and go! 

Owh well thanks Inspiration, definitely learnt much from the 4 different workshop tracks. Finally a conference that feels really exposed to the outside world. Supporting Harish with his Ideas, excited for him actually! Seems its creating his own Blue Ocean too haha. 

I know i am just a 2nd year Architecture Student, but with the things i know right now, i don't see a reason for me to pick up things like this at this young. Dude if you wanna start MGBC Malaysia Green Building Council or any conference, then i want to be the student who initiate the crazy thing. Not because of the things we love to do, but it's called passion. haha. 

And yes, they did it very professional that they have awesome FOOD! and awesome venue. Salute!

All right pulls back to studio mood* 
PRAISE GOD for postpone Studio Assignment Submission! Though many activities this weekend... 

1) Tonight gonna finish model and conceptual gaogao. then 
2) Saturday with the Planning assignment, 11am-3pm AIESEC Review 3-5pm YA Conference PostMortem 7pm-end Church!!!
3) Sunday with 3pm-5pm PKA CG Review, 8pm-10pm PKA 2nd year outing! 10pm onwards-6 morning? Team outing!
4) And i really need to do that crazy thing this week! ish. cycle to Gurney! Monday night! Since that night will have CG outing to there hahaa.

By all means, PKA today is awesome =) Nothing is better to be in the atmosphere of HOPE. the hands of HIM =)

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