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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[21/10/2010] An Escape away!

Morning World =) Just got back from Penang, it's so gonna be the craziest trip ever to be less than 24hours in KL then back to Penang again... And considering i am taking Aeroline both ways, my transportation cost this month goes a bomb. This week has been a blessed one again, came back to attend INSPIRATION 2010 conference, and also its considered the most packed week with assignments. I think a lot people ask me, how can you survive with Architecture + AIESEC, i told them, i am dead, i did not survive, but im still alive =) 

Simply because i can say that if i am solely focus on Architecture, there are not much room of improvements for other
Picture shows working on the bus =) Notice i take the front seat and with the laptop charger plug in for 5 hours and as well as the LCD beside playing 2 movies for the 5 hours trip =) that's what i like about Aeroline actually.

And guess what did i bump into when i reach Bandar Utama?

Something i really did not expect!! PAM student works exhibition!! Reason why i don't know? because i doubt a lot of students in USM knows about it too, it's like the only Archi course among so many different unis to be isolated for such event, too far to attend and so on, welll long more to come =)

Ok Time for a good rest!