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Friday, October 1, 2010

[2/10/2010] It's October =)

Happy October World =) 
It's the Month where i learnt the most last year, with all the crazy combinations of Activities + Assignments and who knows whatever, i went on Strong and i believed i have gained much, and same goes to this Month too. Thought it's just 1st of October and i felt like dead fish. But all i can always sum up is God is Awesome and may His Strength and Wisdom rain down on me =)

Anyways it's a good weekend again! with solid events for 2 days and 2 assignments due this coming week. 
Saturday Morning- FriendsOfTasikHarapan, TapauMania Closing, BlogFestAsia.
Sunday: Church, Y.E.S Project meeting, CaptainBall, and then USM Raya Open house =)
Assignments: LandSurvey and AutoCAD -.-"

Am really looking forward for BlogFest Asia 2010  tomorrow, will be there from TeaBreak until Dinner time, hoping to get more exposure and learning how Social Media has been revolving in our world. Though some of you may see me as an avid blogger but totally i am not. 

I don't own a blog with a thousand hits a day like most hundreds other teens in Malaysia could easily do. Not like camwhorers who can hit their blogs a thousands. All i do in a blog is just a space for myself =) 

Quarter of Management 3rd Q ended badly. I think i need to redefine it this coming Quarter with a new attractive banner =) Contradicting to what most people say, think and take it day by day, but i would like to plan myself what i will be doing and focusing in my 3rd year, I did plan my 2nd year to be a water test year. Then only i will know which field/project/knowledge i can venture till my best, and i am not talking about academics!

Just some random pics =)
This is something random i always eat since Matrics College, because of just a simple Water Boiler and convenient to go, there goes my Rojak! Hard Boiled Egg + Tomato + Tomato Sauce + Mayo + Tuna + Jagung or any vegetables + Salt + Sugar & Pepper from MCD x)

Though it can all sum up to be a mushy yuck thingy! But well nutritional values are defined =) I remember what my Ex Captain said, "the lesser ingredient your thing has, the more safe you are". What i am eating is all natural except the tuna, a mixture of chemicals in it. =P compared to a junk food, definitely i know where my source of food come from =) 

Happy October yo =) It's gonna be a long ride!

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