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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[19/10/2010] Waaa Sooo Tall! 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower

Yes Indeed so so tall! I believe much of you have seen Budget 2011, and the 4 keys behind the planning and all detalings but here i want to mention one highlighted issue, asides from the Greater MRT which i will blog if i have another time. Now, here’s a multiple choice question on Najib’s plan to build a new mega-tower by 2015 that would dwarf the Petronas Twin Towers. Why do we need the proposed RM5 billion 100-storey. Warisan Merdeka Tower (to be built by Permodalan Nasional Berhad). Allow me to break down to a few popular answers.

It's clearly wrong and hard to believe (even though i am thinking hard of what possible benefits we could get) that how this 100 story could actually benefit us?

1. 5 billion is a lot! and imagine this is just a proposed budget and if the economy turns down again and steel price hikes up by 2 folds or more like what happened to penang 2nd bridge (which was postponed) imagine what happened to a 5 billion? EVEN Taipei 101 is just at the cost at 1 Billion USD. 5 Bill Ringgit is definitely more already. 5 Billion can do a lot! sustaining plans in education sector by 5-10 years, adding 10folds budget to R&D sector, and you count them all!

Why do we build a 100 story building while knowing the budget we can build 100 Green buildings?

2. Is Najib trying to out Mahathir? Not only to build ...
a tower higher than Mahathir's but the tallest?  The 88-storey 452-metre RM2billion Petronas Twin Towers was acclaimed as the tallest building in the world when it was completed in 1998 (squeaking past the Chicago Sears Towers by 33 feet because of spires atop the Petronas Towers although the highest occupied floor in the Sears Towers was actually 200 feet higher than the top floor of Petronas Towers) but it was overtaken by Taipei 101 Tower (101 storeys, 509 metres) in 2004 and Shanghai World Financial Centre (101 storeys, 492 metres) in 2008.m The world’s tallest building is Dubai Tower (Burj Khalifa) – 828 metres with 152 storeys – completed this year. Or is Najib harbouring the ambition to just build the tallest building in Asia. He will have to take into account South Korea’s Lotte World II, which is 501.5 metres tall with 110 storeys, expected to be completed in 2013. Even if he claims to be smart in this project, please at least add 2 more stories to take over Taipei!

3. Who is going to stay and occupy the office space? Petronas Twin Tower has already face a shortage of Occupancy? And then again another 100 floors? for ghost?

4. A huge lost in Tourism Industry. Yea contradicting to what it seems, personally as Architecture student i believe by assuming this building is done. The one that feels the heat first is the tourism, by negative means. One core reason i support Mahathir to build the Twin Towers because it's important for a country to have an Icon and to be proud of it. Imagine if something meant to be greater with a 100 story to take over, how big influence it can be when debate goes to which tower should be iconic enough to represent? All postcards and templates must change? all travelling plans must be recalculated? how not sustainable idea is this. 

"Everything is going up! Petrol Price, House price, Roti Canai blablabla... now towers also necessary to go up to make it ryhmes?"

Below is just some other comments feed from other sites.

1. Chan Min Piao, mechanical engineer
The service tax doesn't affect me. If the government can reduce the import tax (on cars), then I would be more than happy to pay 10% on Goods and Services Tax.

The new tower is a waste of money. Where is the government going to get the RM5 billion from? Why can't they use that money to give civil servants their bonuses? There are so many more things to be done, such as the RM250 million allocations for (Tamil, Chinese, missionary, etc) schools.

Why can't the government give them RM5 billion instead? Why can't they give to the schools and hire better teachers? That would be able to last you at least five to 10 years.

Kalaikumar, designer

Everything is always going up. Why do you have to raise the service tax? We're already paying high prices already.

There is no difference (in the toll gate price halt). It's not going to affect anyone. What they should do is reduce the charges. Like for example, the LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong). In the past, you only needed to pay RM1 each time you used the toll, but now you have to pay RM1.60.

When Mahathir first made the Twin Towers, he wanted to highlight Malaysia on the map. Why then do we need a 100-storey building? How are you going to fill the offices? Are the offices in the Twin Towers filled? Look at Dayabumi for example! It's just dead!

What they should do is reduce the price of daily goods such as sugar, flour and fuel. Nobody is going to buy handbags everyday. Only rich people can afford to buy these things on a daily basis.

The government is not helping us. Take the price of cigarettes. They didn't put it in the budget, but they raised the price a few weeks ago quietly. That's what the budget is for, to keep the prices controlled, not to be raised whenever you feel like it.

What do you think?

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