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Saturday, October 16, 2010

[16/10/2010] H.O.P.E in Churches

AIESEC in USM Youth Alive 2010!! A huge congratulations to the Organizing Committee and Faci Team!! So proud  to share about the many achievements in the 1 day conference! Great Speaker, Great Agenda, Great financial management i suppose, and i give it a 9/10! Perfect edi! LOL Really wonder what will be next agenda for Youth Alive team =) Thanks to Nic and Suzanne making it a blast, and also Nadia as Faci Head.

This picture reminds me of MYC Miracle Youth Conference, there were so many international facilitators for the 5 days Conference and the bond was so great.... glad to be faci for the event!

 Well, only if the duration is longer, hopefully i could have one such memory too =) We have 8 Facilitators from 7 different Countries! So hoping it will be longer so i can know them better! and it's my first time meeting a United States Intern! Facilitator Experience was great, though i face some problem during World Cafe and expected though =) 200+ delegates! just makes you go wow! 

A thing that striked me was i always have the acronym for H.O.P.E Hearing Other People Experiences. One day of going for a HIV conference and going to Church sparks something off in my head. Why it's seldom that we heard Churches doing HIV Conference or outreaching program? Shouldn't it be better to really reach for a more hopeless people? Ok let's not only refer to Church but religious context, are these social issues, like HIV, Child Right, Environmental Sustainability refer as a Taboo because Religious Spiritual context....
comes as a priority? I recite this quote i saw from Hillsong One Heart Revolution, " A true church is a church of Justice" Am saying about Church who really goes into Social Issues and understand what it really feels to involve into a HIV movement, isn't it our responsibilities as well rather than the same routine spiritual events we have? Bear in mind i am not pointing towards any church but generally everyone. 

I have heard many stories, stereotypes Christians, i heard PLWHA People Living with HIV AIDS got left out from Church because his identity was told. It might sound very very simple for most of you who say, you will understand how a HIV postive feel like and understand his/her feeling and accept them like normal. I've been dealing with HIV issue for 2 years now, i am confident things won't work out that way, because by all means, everyone will find hard to accept. No one could understand how a PLWHA really feel and don't pretend you know unless you are one of them. 

I also heard many stories during my Internship in Shanghai, where the church members there really are being educated about HIV/AIDS and reach out to the one who needs it, many salvations was made, many entered the kingdom, and no one said they were not 'clean' to enter. There's just a great difference when there is active PLWHA attending your church and everyone is comfortable with it in the long run. I believe the first crucial step into knowing all these are, firstly, have you really talked to a PLWHA before? touch them? hug them? Have you even done your HIV test? even you are sure from it? Or simply because you don't see it an issue?

My point is more churches and christians should really just step out of the comfort zone and engage into these serious needs. Some will say we are just here for temporary on Earth and why do we care? My conclusion is simple, Earth is God's Creation so are they. If closing one eye and ignoring them, to be direct, is as well as really blinding yourself from the truth. God is colour blind, it's just waiting for you to really show Christ Like in this context. We are just too Comfortable, really.

I understand most of you will think that i am in a not so sufficient context to talk about it because i am not a regular church goer, i don't care whatever people might observe about my spiritual involvements as this matter is personal and should not be judge by physical. Like what i said to few others before, there are reasons why i still choose to busy in AIESEC besides CellGroups because only then i can realize such things. We all know that our purpose is to win souls and praise our Mighty God's name, but are we really sure we have done it all, by Mission Trips and Evangelism activities? Evangelism is not all about just telling people about Christianity, so not. We are here to bring Hope, people.

Well, i also just noticed, all along my Christian Life, it's just annual Spiritual engagement camps and faith related things, perhaps also community service and all. But if there is a person who gets calling to go into these things, ( its not like going for a mission trip, neither giving money to run NSEP Needle Syringe Exchange Program) but really going to the field to win souls among these groups, like sex workers, prostitutes, Drug Users, then i wanna meet him so much =)

Sorry i am not pointing towards any individuals or religion groups regarding above matter =) Sorry if offended! =)


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