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Thursday, October 14, 2010

[14/10/2010] Sustainable Shirt Design

OK, sorry i do not really intend to use the word Sustainable (as i find it quite sick for most USM students most of the time).. but this is just a random observe a while ago.. I was sitting in the Canteen and i realize all the different event shirts students are wearing.

The Problem Statement is, so many of active ones in University or not, will find that after 2 or 3 years joining a certain event, we can slowly put the T Shirt aside, why? simply because an example will be Event T Shirt, having the words, Orientation week 2005/2006, and then you notice "oh, that's so long ago, time to throw it away" I understand many came to a thought that T Shirt can be memorable, but think again, do you really find it? I am not talking about not designing and producing shirts for event, but do it more creatively and able to give reasons for the user to wear entire life!


So you get the Idea? with the picture on the Left?
For Example again if it's an Orientation Shirt, then you can just have random quotes  like " I just enter this school for once, and i know i would NOT again and i'm gonna live it loud!" well sorry if you find it nonsense but i feel that's more memorable when you read it, instead just an "Orientation 2005/2006"

Another Example, which i will be working on soon, like Projects, Youth Energy Squad Project Shirt is not going to have an AIESEC logo, Partner Logos, and Y.E.S logo with the youth energy Squad shirt, there are better reasons when you put quotes like, "Save Energy by reading this shirt instead of your cellphone" that random*.

Well just a random shoutout for this =) simply because i realize i have just TOO many University event shirts and i dont find a reason to wear them, except those.... yea SPEAKING shirt again =) 

p/s having a hard week =) Dislikes when people coming to me and telling me how much assignments they have not done and then asking whether i am done with it, while knowing that i am far too busy comparing and i am chill to face the assignments.please don't tell me you are concern for me so you ask whether i have done it, it's just childish. 

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