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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[13/10/2010] Sustainable Transportation Campus

All right, long time did not write an Analytical Post, so here goes one. It's all about USM. There are a few highlights here. 

1. First, the Attitude of APEX.
I think i am sick of saying this, guess with so many different individuals, of course again please do not expect HEP to cater the needs for different students, well true again if they can be not efficient and meet your expectation, but blogging and whining online about what could be done better is definitely not the way as we all know. The HEP i know in USM is someone who definitely cares, much friendly compared to other universities i believe, my point is, reach up to them and work on the issues rather than "gossiping" helplessly. There are tonnes of things HEP are busy off and never in the thoughts of students, what APEX students could really define is to stand out and volunteer effort to make the campus better, we say University is for the Students, yes it is, for you to learn how to create your own better environment. So Do it! 

2. Car Clampings
I refer and thumbs up to Jabatan Keselamatan Decision lately to enforce the rule of Car Parking in USM. To many of the students, it's been quite a hide and seek game but we all just know that the enforcement is really strong. This has nothing to do whether you are active in campus or not, whether you got sticker or not, but face it, our Campus is considered one of the smallest in the Country, and Parking Lot is not something seems favorable here. If you want to compare UPM and UUM yes there are indeed a lot of those. The case right now is such that Cars are really just too cheap and affordable for many Juniors to bring in cars without stickers on. However without considering the Parking Space, often double parking will really cause problems.  I am not too sure how much is being charged but i heard it is from 50-100, and yes it's very transparent that the fines go back to the Jabatan because of the new purchased clamps. And i believe that amount is just the right one to make you stop and think about it.

3. Transportation.
So yes, if car is a problem? then what is next?

USM Bus? Yea many have been discussing about the Punctuality and Quality of Service of our Shuttle Bus. Well for me i am not in the position to say much because i am officially a 1 month old cyclist =) But there is one thing soon USM needs to decide. Our bus Contract is until 2013. which means, it's either we extend and continue the contract, or the University has a new proposed idea? 4 Options.

1. Be like Kampar UTAR Campus =) Where driving Bicycle seems more safety than driving Cars.
Where you really feel Bicycle is a sense of Ownership there.

However, i agree with what Abe said, aside with what MPP is trying to promote Bicycle Lanes and students to ride bicycles, Main Campus is definitely NOT an option, that's a fact. I have been riding one for a month so i know how it feels like =) All of us just know the slopes in the campus are unacceptable and with this tropical weather we are just not able to accept it, unlike in Shanghai when i observed not a single sweat is dropped from a distance of cycling. 

2) Possibly to ask Rapid Penang to divert into Campus and there are whole lotz of factors you know we need to think of.. Which will be the first University in Malaysia to have Public Transport diverting into campus, something like Singapore NUS having MRT stations in their campus too.

3) Walkable Campus
Of course again students will go what! RST students walk everyday to HEP? Wow! Healthy Campus! But again it's true again in Architecture what we learn that Built Environment will distress students psychologically. Take example if we were to built KMs of Covered walkways. I doubt we can really call ourselves Universiti in Teman anymore, besides that, who REALLY wants to walk? 

4) Some seem to be impossible ideas like having Monorails and Trams instead? Or even having Cable Cars hanging from the top of RST flying through the campus and landing at Chancelor's Building. Or you might have a better idea =)

All in all, there are whole lot of things USM needs to be done to really go Green. Am really optimistic as the main campus is small and implementation could be done easily with the controlled crowd. You can read more about others here, the 5 things USM should be aware of. 

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