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Monday, October 11, 2010

[11/10/2010] A Confession of Disappointment =)

Hey World =) I was actually back to UPM for sister's convocation for the weekend.
And noticed that i slept for more than 20 hours over the Sunday for the first time ever.
And guess no assignments work well with my KL house in conclusion =)
Much to catch up back in USM then... 

Sustainable Mini Summit =) Won't blog much about this, but could say, the team achieved much unexpected things =) though many expected things were not achieved. More Pictures here. 

Recently a lot of things happened. It was a down down weekend, realized that many things were not completed, Working and Academic both come to a not so expected result, disappointment crushed in, and suddenly a series of signs came in, people started saying GoodJob, and remember back people saying "Continue to be the Inspiration dude". And all in all it's Isaiah 40:31, God gives Strength, LiveStrong!

I think the problem started here, some of you may find me achieved, some may find me lost or disturbed, some may find me determined and purposed. A few signs came up to me last week, "Nah.. you are not focus, just too distracted, so many things coming in" Now i agree. I used to involve in many things, guess maybe because that was where my experience lie, Photography, Music Composing, Marathon, HIV conferences, Marketing engagements, wahtever talks also go hor! 

... now i really need to redefining my path.

My name is Lim Gene-Harn, an Architecture Student, who is inspired to make Penang a better city to live in, who is passionate about Green and Energy Designing & Building Technology, as well as specially dealing with RE Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency while running Y.E.S project to see the change in Youth to understand about Energy and the Environment. Having the Hobby for Architecture Photography (Major) and Event Photography (Minor), Pictures leave the best impact on his conceptual architecture/photography blog

In other words, i really need to align my time investments and hobbies/skills into my future Architect career from now on. Let it be, taking Photography and Editing Skills to the max for this. + Green designing knowledge and the current green building market knowledge. I need to start knowing more externals to deal with this, thanks to Harish again for Inspire2010 Conference.. by 3rd year i do not want to be just some ArchiStudent just dealing with the drawing table, there shall be a greater call for it =) I need to focus on 1 project that's all, not Open Relay or HIV anymore soon. A new field of expertise shall start from root.

Lastly, Happy Belated Birthday PekLin, i think this is the Happiest picture i ever captured from you =) Guess this picture believes that the team synergy is already ready to go for more =)

Well, it'll be great to have a team of really knowing the Green thing, hoping to see more green seeds sparkled =)


  1. “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
    ~Paul J. Meyer

    If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress. =)

  2. Nicholas Ooi... i am actually very sian of your "If you are walking down" quote already.... -.-" LOL.