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Sunday, September 5, 2010

[6/9/2010] A little free to be more productive =)

Hi World! =) Yeap, waiting to gather with JoEe and Christine at Hostel gate!
10am bus back to KL soon! Then a 2 weeks of Holidays to stop and stare! =)
Actually i realized, notice that i type a little free to be more productive, instead of saying more busy. That means the workshop that was conducted by Vincent and Jolene really kicked into my mind! Yea Creative problem solving? I am talking workshops in L.E.A.D Leadership Exploration and Development Conference which i just got back from =)

Presenting the EB/OC team =)  Glad that wilson LCP  is able to join, he just came back from International Congress! Much things that he has shared!

OC OC OC! oi~ Congratz to your efforts! Delegates are impacted so much!

And yea, Presenting PM Department =) 2 guys... 

And Y.E.S Team.. 1 guy..  -.-"

 Glad that JoEe, Sabrina and Pek Lin is able to make it =) To the others, do not worry as i will try my best to conduct skill building sessions (please not meeting!) for the team. Decided that our next meeting shall be Creative Tower and Mindmap concept and Chairless! Gonna be fun!

For more pictures for AIESEC in USM LLDS 2010 =) Please click here!

And yea holiday is here once again =) Really hoping a fruitful and productive one! Considering being flooded by 8 assignments + Singapore Trip + Friends to catch up! A few things to look forward to!

AIESEC things:
S.M.S Sustainable Mini Summit by Y.E.S 9/10/2010
Youth Alive Conference Facilitator  23/10/2010
Red Alert Conference UPM Facilitator 25/9/2010
MyLDS National Conference 11-14/12/2010

Non AIESEC things:
FES CF National Conference 29/11-4/12/2010
USM Open Relay 2011 Communications Manager
KBM 2010
Final Exams -.-" LOL!

Well, just wishing this final month of my 3rd Quarter will be productive =) As this quarter is about the quarter of Management =) Want to know more about my personal management? post up soon!

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