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Thursday, September 2, 2010

[3/9/2010] Going beyond Expectations

Hi WOrld! =) It's the Blog's 300th post! whoopiee!
Suddenly thought of writing this, after a few experience today, when i was replying Prof Lee's email as well as educating PekLin for Comm. It all sums up with my favorite phrase from John C Maxwell.

"To go Fast, Go alone ; To go Far, Go with Team"

Presenting the team, Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad 2010/2011

The 7 awesome girls, 7 different personalities, 7 different craziness in the team and 7 plates of Nasi Lemak.

Human Resource Executive: Chan JoEe
External Relations Executives: KayChin, TienHui
Product Development Executives: Sabrina, HuiYi
Communications Executives: PekLin , YunSeh
Project Director: Mr Hammie Lim =)

Many times again i ask myself "hahaha owh my, why 7 first year girls?"
Quite a few random thoughts pop out in my mind, i remember what Nicholas told me even before the project planning starts, around in June, the priority is your member development. True enough to be said, each one of you is very precious asset to the project, in any projects we join, we learn to take and give. "To go Fast, Go alone ; To go Far, Go with Team" Perhaps some of you have not really thought of how Y.E.S begin, Tien Hui did ask me about why i put it under AIESEC since i am already done with paperwork to form my own club. My answer will be, it is all because of Human Resource and looking at the bigger context of how AIESEC could help. But really, i am glad of facing those hard times, i realize if it was not the things i do during the semester i MIA from AIESEC, i would not have all the networking i have to initiate Y.E.S today. CETREE, HEP and some other external youth initiatives. 

When i was discussing about SMS with Professor Lee, i could not agree more with what i say, 

" I do not expect an immediate impact from Y.E.S right now because  i am prioritizing the education and awareness for the new 7 first year project members before the team could do something. I could go fast alone but i would need a team like what i have now to go far. We do really emphasize again on a sustainable and rippled impact but this could be only done after a series of efforts in Y.E.S situation. SMS is a part of it."

I guess i got to be sorry then for the past few weeks, i know  by now you might still be wondering how to start off your JD even though understanding them already. I promise i would take my time to go through one by one with you all.  =) Hopefully Pek Lin learnt a lot during the Blog discussion just now.

There is reasons why i give you JD straight to a team instead to one by one, eg like logo designing between Comm and PD, i would be emphasizing on team relations and integration for the being. So please remember to delegate the task among yourself and learn to understand your teammates too =) Always remember to learn to understand before setting an agreement, that's my principle.

I am glad that you took up the challenge to face this project as there is a lot of education for the team to embrace, it is not like some HIV education you can remember by heart and then the education sustains. Green issues has constant updates from time to time, movements, initiatives, facts, these are all going to be thought over again. It really takes a Green Passion to go beyond expectations. And i believe because of that, we are where we are today, God has awesome plans =) 

Looking forward for a great term with the 7 angels =D teehee!
See you at virtual meeting via skype! 
p/s And i wanna implement GoogleCalender time management culture with the team =D

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