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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[29/9/2010] 1st Quarter Manager Review =)

It's a Wednesday, It's 29/9/2010. It's entering 4th Quarter.
Manager 1st Quarter Review was just now.
Now i am sitting in my studio, with my assignments pile up beside me and i am just thinking. Really, people do not judge how good you are by the time you invest into a project but how successful a project.

3 things i need to focus now:
a) Members Passionate for Green Issues.
b) ER and Finance, No Money No Project.
c) Future Interns reception, is the project really ready?

Desire to learn much would not keep one for long in a project, Passion it is the one. Like the only reason why i came back and took up all these busyness simply is because i want to walk the change.

I think i did the right adjustments this semester, focusing on Education and how to really impact the squad to be passionate about more than going Green. There is certainly more than it. And then i am sure next semester we will kick off the events like no one did before. well so then =)

One point again how i feel i have really changed after a year of joining AIESEC is i became more realistic. It's from the simple conversation and Justin commented on this. I was very Idealistic all along, i am just hoping to be a more balance sense of realistic and idealistic in Projects. Green Lung Freeze is one of the example. I am waiting for such new ideas from the team as well., not just conference workshops etc, this is what everyone really does. Flash mob something as well though.

Something really inspired me is Friends of Tasik Harapan, i did not expect so overwhelming response from the event, when i was given 10 days to find 300 volunteers and now it exceeded 500 and more people keeps coming in. Why is it so? How can i really shift these ideas into Y.E.S? Because it is Fresh idea =)

Ok now back to my studio, which people thinks i am crazy to be in Architecture, but well no one really knows my passion in Architecture =) A lot has been talking about Green Architecture and sustainable in Studio, but i think these are all taboos. Most people got shock when i say i enter Architecture not because of Arts neither i love it, well. who says there is a right answer to everything? =P

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