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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[28/9/2010] There is HOPE. =)

Yes Dying Young is No Fun. STOP AIDS.
Glad to have the weekend back to KL to catch up with the awesome UPMers. Really wanna praise God for the many miracles over the weekend, i think it's one of the craziest week i ever had. Anyways, gonna focus on assignments these weekdays.. cannot wait for Blog Fest Asia this Saturday + Captain ball, USM Raya Open House this sunday!

It's been long since i really blog about a long post with thoughts and facts. Guess sometimes you are just so busy till you lose those essence of really starring into the clouds and start thinking about so many things.

What have i really remember for the past 10, 5, 3 years? It's the last week of the Quarter of Management. Gonna recap and wrap up and evaluation for this Quarter, bet the next Quarter will be definitely a round of fun =) And there goes my 3rd semester!

God has been truly awesome =)

Congratz to Sinying and her OC team for the awesome job =)
Waiting for Youth Alive Conference!
And yes, there is HOPE, as long as you believe!

I think there is a principle i held on long time ago, which i only realize it's actually the one kept me going the whole crazy time. Just be happy what you are doing, don't care the marks, don't care what people think about you, it's your life and you just want to be happy. True lor =)

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