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Saturday, September 25, 2010

[25/9/2010] A thought over a simple Line

I never did really see myself as a thinker. Until when i notice i think so much today after drawing a line when doing my assignment, and no idea how i could think that far and indirect, i concluded that.

Penang, I will Help and Change you =) 
By the bits and pieces of me in Architecture and Town planning.. and Green efforts.. 

Random i know -.-" But am glad that i am in Architecture and the courseworks i am doing lead me to think a lot about the nation development. And recently i am very taboo with words Change the World. So many people are empowered to say change the world change the world. But i am very concern if these people mean it without the person mentioning how the world has changed him before. Because i think the world has changed me =) God has changed me =) 

*Unfolds Assignments in my PJ room now =) Red Alert Conference tomorrow! Will meet with UPM AIESECers finally! =D

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