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Friday, September 24, 2010

[24/9/2010] It's not being Busy, but Passion becomes Hobby

Yea i was there, thank you once again to Lorraine for the free pass or not i would not have rushed down to KL and skip my Friday class just for this event =) Estimated only 10% university students while the rest i believe are youth marketers or NGO HR sectors, wish could take the time to know more personally but guess that was not a need =) But i met one i really needed to =)

Meet Matthias Gelber, the world's greenest man who spoke one of the section, guess gonna really start to read up more about him soon. And yeap like what i said only few University Students.

 Met with UTP SIFE students as well as 2 new UKM friends, 
Angel and Hwei Huih, Lorraine in the middle =)

And i must have admit it would be so fun if the final forum could last till all day, glad to meet with Dr Chandra Muzaffar and the CEO of MalaysiaKini, Premesh Chandran, we were highlighting some issues of the politic world today. But what caught me the most is, how MalaysiaKini started?

Actually it is very true and convincing to hear from them, "Malaysia is considered Success in Nation Bonding despite many political and racism affairs as compared to other Multi races country". I recoreded like a 20 mintues of their discussion, once 10 years ago they met in Australia talking the same thing. MalaysiaKini started off with a strong team bonding and awareness i believe, the team realized that they needed an alternative source of information so they went into Internet. However, surprisingly when MalaysiaKini is giving obstacles to Dr Mahathir, Mahathir did not censor their website from the internet, simply because Dr Mahathir held on to his promise that Internet is as good as it is going to remain. And today, MalaysiaKini has more viewers then TheStar and no one did ever expect that.

It's really an inspiring talk, really looking forward for Patch Adam to come on the 26th November, hopefully got free pass again =) Waiting up next for Red Alert Conference this Sunday!

And ya just a very random note related to the Title, i was talking to someone new today. I said "actually everyone is busy, busy contributing something to this world. It's just like Anime and Korean goers watched series and be busy of it, (which i define busy as 'taken time with' somehow). Same goes to myself and many other leaders i think, we have had issues in our mind, we want to raise it up and do projects, and our passion is to do projects to see the change we want, or we call it our Hobbies =) Because it is what we love to do, and we do not call it busy =) Because we know we needed to be on that race.

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