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Sunday, September 19, 2010

[20/9/2010] I'm Half Alive

Yes i am half alive, i am half dead. I do not know. 
This most probably the craziest week of the month. 2 days of bad life routine, stuck in studio do assignment and Emailing then off to mamak around 4am and now about 6am starting to sleep. Must seriously tune back to the normal life. Hereby i am just updating my week happening, just to list them out to remind myself =)

1. 15 pages "Roles of Architecture/TownPlanners in addressing Global Issues" DONE, Infact it is suppose to be a group assignment of 3 and at max 15pages, but i must admit i enjoyed doing it, with 17pages 5300 words all by myself, definitely learnt much =)
2. 10 pages "Issues about Malaysia Regional Planning" Dateline Next Tuesday, I WILL LOVE THIS MAN!
3. Studio Final Submission 3A1 - This Thursday
4. BM Lisan this thursday!

Project Task is another one that is worrying me, counting down 20 days, hoping the team will really start working and striving.. 
1. Contact Jabatan Alam Sekitar for talk.. (Mon)
2. Contact CETREE for MoU and talk (Mon)
3. Contact JPPP if permission success (Mon)
4. Find SERI, SAM as linkage...
5. Meet up with HEP to confirm permission for Event. (Mon)
6. Meet up with professor Lee for updates... 
7. ER letter with Sabrina
8. Education session with Team via Videos
9. Contact MPDs for participation.. Maybe Khidmat Mskat also?
10. well... maybe i really need to stop and stare.

But the funny things of all is that S.M.S is not the focus on the team, many other long term things needed, but why am i so focusing? I really hope to hit 200 participants, but well.. let's see. GreenLung PUCS are rolling in, no news from KAlamSekitar disappointing. ChinHong bioschool vege planting but he is away =/ MPP Faiz for his 2 hours campaign, White Coffin, Abe with his 350 org.. Man there are just so many things 1st year must hear. I bet they know that USM is going green and so so so related, but nothing much to be heard!

1. Monday Night CellGroup
2. Tuesday Night Intern Dinner + Project Meeting
3. Friday (Conference The Gathering of the GreatMinds @ KL)
4. Sunday (Red Alert Conference Facilitator @ UPM)
Anything you can view my calender actually ,just the tab above, if you are so busy body wanna know -.-"

And yea my mom is so going to kill me if she sees this, i told her i am going back on Saturday. But Lorraine suddenly invited me to go for this conference on Friday, which means i am going back by night bus. well it is worth to be invited to meet with the world's greenest man =) Updates soon!